Throttle / thrust reverser

The control panel with staggered handles gas / reverse Kiekhafer Zero Effort
If speed has always been for you in the first place, exceptional speed and power, you can not do without racing DTS control system, which is responsible for hypersensitivity throttle and reliable smooth shifting throughout the race.
Remote console-style control with two handles
DTS system based on remote console-style control with two knobs provides unsurpassed smoothness in shifting, as well as the safety and reliability that gives you a feeling of calmness even in adverse conditions.
Remote control console type with one handle
DTS system based on remote console type with a single handle provides instant throttle response, shift smoothness and feeling of tranquility for you that will make your stay on the water even more harmonious.
Remote control panel type with the ability to connect the gas pedal
DTS system based on remote panel-type remote control has a high speed in the throttle for smooth and switching accuracy. In addition, with the additional possibility to connect the gas pedal, you can get even more out of your trip.

SmartCraft DTS system was created in order to bring digital precision to control the gas / reverse. Ensuring smooth operation, compared with the mechanical system, and excellent responsiveness, DTS system is highly reliable and well-functioning and allows you to control effortlessly. Once you try DTS system, you do not want to have anything else.