Outboard motor HONDA BF60

Outboard motor HONDA BF60

Brief description

  • Capacity 998 cm3
  • Power 60 hp
  • Screw Size -
  • (4-stroke)
  • Weight 110 kg.


Maximum power kW (HP) 44.7 (60)
Engine Type: four-stroke, SOHC, EFI
Engine capacity, cm3 998
The range of operating speed, rpm 5000 - 6000
Bore x stroke mm 73,0 x 79,5
Idle speed, rpm 850 +/- 50
Number of cylinders: 3
Valves per cylinder 4
The drive of valves: 1 camshaft
Intake system: Injection PGM-FI
Generator: 22 A, 275 W; BFP60 - 27 A,
338 W
Weight 110 (the lightest option)
Gear ratio: 2.07: 1; BFP60 - 2,33: 1
Crankcase capacity, 2.6 l
The capacity of the gearbox housing, 0.43 liters; BFP60 - 0,95
Stated screw (Lop. x Dia. x Step), inch not supplied
Plug / gap: NGK LMAR6C-9 / 0.8 - 0.9 mm
Motor rake: Electro-hydraulic
Deadwood length: L / X (for the transom 508/635 mm)
Motor Control: Manual or remote
(Models marked R)
Possible models: 
Vibration (ICOMIA 38-94): ------
Possible models:
BF60 LHTU: Manual control, electrolaunch,
electro-hydraulic lift
BF60 L (X) RTU: Remote control,
electro-hydraulic lift
BFP60 L (X) RT: Remote control,
electro-hydraulic lift ,
Gear unit Power Thrust

Extra description

The new 3-cylinder water cooled engine is lightweight, powerful acceleration, fuel economy and low noise levels. BF60 is the first Honda motor, compatible with the NMEA2000 standard. It allows you to connect an unlimited number of motor marine electronic devices, such as plotters, sounders and other navigation equipment. In addition, BF60 has extreme maneuverability (the smallest turning radius in the class), as well as the ability to change the speed to low speed in increments of 50 rpm, which certainly will appeal to avid fishermen. This motor is suitable for small RIB-s, it can be used on fishing and pleasure boat.