SmartCraft system

System Links SmartCraft SC100
The fact is that many people prefer to separate the parameters for displaying devices, providing you with all the information on the fuel level, to the battery voltage. Our devices SC100 System Links let you to display up to 23 different parameters on the easy to read instruments with digital precision. Each unit constantly displays the System Links definite option and can be installed anywhere in the dashboard of your boat. This means that thanks to the SmartCraft system you can refine the dashboard according to your individual preferences.
System View SmartCraft SC5000
Features of System View SC5000 display is much more than just a well-honed work ... It has been created in order to achieve optimum performance. Device System View is the first complete electronic information center, designed specifically for boats. Connected to the controller of one or two motors it uses the latest developments in computer and marine technology. SmartCraft System View provides you with complete information about your boat, displaying it on a single monitor, extremely convenient to use. System View device includes information on five categories: information about your engine, boat, fuel consumption, navigation, diagnostic information and information about maintenance.

System View SC5000 device provides you with all the necessary information regardless of the application. Fast, affordable and accurate.
SmartCraft SC1000 System Tachometer and Speedometer
Combination of SC1000 System Tachometer and speedometer will let you know how much more you can go to the next refueling, and the System Tachometer even detect potential problems, allowing you to take action much sooner than your engine will undergo its harmful effects.
SmartCraft SC1000 System Monitor
SmartCraft System Monitor displays boat and engine parameters on a compact, digital monitor, and takes up little space on the dashboard. From emergency prevention for endpoints engine to accurate data on fuel consumption, cruising range on fuel, fuel level, speed, water depth of the water, etc. -. System SC1000 Monitor provides you with constantly updated information on the status of your vessel and automatically warns you about danger, if such a situation arises.

No matter what type of water recreation you prefer, they all have one thing in common: you want peace of mind, you want to know what's going on around your boat and sometimes you want some help in steering it. In other words you want to have full information and control. To date there is no system comparable or superior in performance to the SmartCraft system. It will allow you to control fully your boat and the internal and external sensors,will provide you with information on the status of all parameters. Thus, you have always accurate information on all the data you might need to make your stay in the water as easy and enjoyable as possible.

So what can SmartCraft system offer to you?

Safety: SmartCraft ™ system provides you with constantly updated information about the exact range of the progress on fuel, fuel level and fuel consumption, so you always feel safe.

Confidence: Unique Engine Guardian ™ constantly monitors each setting and advance to warn of potential steering problems and take steps to minimize their adverse effects.

Support: Troll Control ™ system was designed in such a way as to maintain a constant speed of the boat without being distracted from catching fish.