System View SmartCraft SC5000

System View SmartCraft SC5000

Brief description

Features of System View SC5000 display is much more than just a well-honed work ... It has been created in order to achieve optimum performance. Device System View is the first complete electronic information center, designed specifically for boats. Connected to the controller of one or two motors it uses the latest developments in computer and marine technology. SmartCraft System View provides you with complete information about your boat, displaying it on a single monitor, extremely convenient to use. System View device includes information on five categories: information about your engine, boat, fuel consumption, navigation, diagnostic information and information about maintenance.

System View SC5000 device provides you with all the necessary information regardless of the application. Fast, affordable and accurate.


  • The color display is convenient to read.
  • It allows you to keep track of all the parameters of your boat on one device.
  • Equipped with a joystick control.
  • Menu instrument is extremely easy and convenient to use, in addition, it can be customized according to your preferences.
  • Connection to the engine via a single cable.
  • It allows you to make notes about the passage of engine maintenance and notify emergency operating modes.
  • Ability to connect other devices of SmartCraft SC100 System Links with a single connector.