Mercury Propellers

Bravo Tree
  • Two screws with opposite rotation of the stainless steel; front screw has a larger diameter and a rear screw the less one.
  • It provides an incredible steering control and steady progress.
  • It provides tremendous thrust, efficiency and smoothness throughout the rev range.
  • Suitable for columns Bravo Three.
Bravo Two
  • For more advanced work in the middle and upper rev range.
  • The large size of the blades for maximum traction, maneuverability and stability when cornering.
  • Ideal for columns Bravo Two.
Alpha 4
  • It provides flawless performance and acceleration with an affordable price.
  • Ideal for smaller boats, boats for water skiing and day pleasure boats.
  • It provides better handling and stability than a three-blade propeller. For outboard V-6 and sterndrives Alpha up to 250 hp.
Black Max
  • Suitable for boats, inflatable boats and pontoons with outboard motors or stationed Alpha columns
  • Made of high quality durable aluminum.
  • For boats with a maximum speed below 50 miles / hour, equipped with outboard and inboard engines Alpha and Bravo One power up to 250hp.
Bravo 1
  • It provides an amazing speed, maximum acceleration and impeccable course on high speeds.
  • Awesome speed and steady progress, especially for catamarans and hulls with transverse rows.
  • Ideal for high-end, high-installed outboard and inboard engines.
  • Fast planing and tremendous acceleration for boats with a heavy V-shaped hull.
  • As standard with the hub 1 1/4 "gear Sport Master and columns Bravo One XZ / XR.
  • Ideal for high-end, high-installed outboard and inboard engines.
Trophy Plus
  • Incredible nose lift and planing; ideal for flat-bottomed and sport boats with outboard motor
  • Amazing handling and control in tight turns, combined with a smaller load on the steering and suggestive moment.
  • For outboards 75 hp and more.
Tempest Plus
  • Larger withdrawal blade and a larger rotor size provides exceptional handling and lifting the nose of the boat.
  • Available with a larger diameter screw 14-5 / 8 "for higher installation.
  • Ideal for large sports and fishing boats equipped with outboard motors V-6
Trophy Sport
  • Compact four-bladed propeller made of stainless steel. It has all the benefits of rowing Trophy Plus screws.
  • The rapid planing, high speed and amazing control in combination with a smaller load control.
  • Ideal for small flat-bottomed boats.
  • For boats reach speeds of 55-110 km / h with outboard motors 30-60 hp
  • Optimal in acceleration for water skiing and fishing.
  • It provides a seamless, smooth running, lifting the nose of the boat and amazing handling in all weather conditions.
  • For outboards 75 hp and stationary engines The Alpha, Bravo One and TRS.
  • It provides better acceleration, tremendous resistance and lifting the boat nose.
  • For towing boats equipped with outboard motors V-6 or stationary engines 3,0L - 5,7L with Alpha column.
  • For boats 18-24 feet long with a single or double suspension.
Laser ll
  • Larger withdrawal blade provides extra lift; suitable for boats 15-18 feet long with outboard motors and 15-22 feet with fixed Alpha columns.
  • Thinner blades increase speed and provide better handling.
  • For outboards 75 hp and more, as well as for sports boats up to 22 feet with stationary engines.
  • Made of stainless steel, having significant advantages in comparison with aluminum - increased efficiency, strength and durability.
  • Acceleration and handling is better than most three-blade aluminum propellers have.
  • For outboard engine 25-250 hp and fixed with Alpha columns.
Revolution 4
  • It provides power, incredible speed and the minimum resistance.
  • For outboards V-6 and sterndrives Bravo One and TRS; particularly suitable for sports boats and boats for open water.
Mirage Plus
  • It provides better acceleration and top speed on larger high-performance boats.
  • For outboard engines up to 150 hp and higher; suitable for fishing in open water, and for sport boats.
  • For single or double installation of the V-8 engines with Bravo One column or TRS.
  • Better acceleration and top speed.
  • Thin blade propeller and a larger withdrawal blade for even greater agility.
  • Ideal for high-performance boat with an outboard motor.
  • Provides rise aft; better maneuverability.
  • Built with exclusive X7 alloy for ultimate strength and durability.

For many years Mercury produces superior screws for motor boats and yachts. Mercury propellers are made equally well for all of the duties. They have long been a model for the entire industry.

The correct screw is the key to effectiveness.

The operation of your vessel is influenced by many factors, but one of the most important, perhaps, is the propeller, just the second after the engine power. The correct propeller will provide you with a pleasant, comfortable and smooth movement, will reduce operating costs by reducing fuel consumption and prolong engine life, optimize acceleration and at the same time will ensure safe movement.

Propeller affects the behavior of your vessel in the water as well as the wheels influence the running of the vehicle on the road. Thus, the propeller is a connecting link between your engine and water. So the choice of the screw is one of the determining factors to achieve optimal performance vessel.