Mercury 25M / ML Sea Pro boat motor

Mercury 25M / ML Sea Pro boat motor

Brief description

  • Capacity 429 cm3 
  • Power 25.0 hp
  • (2-stroke)
  • Weight 51 kg.


Maximum power HP / kW: 25 / 18 /6
Maximum speed: 4800-5500
Number of cylinders: 2
Engine capacity, cm3: 430
Bore x stroke, mm: 68X59
Intake system: Loop flushing
Exhaust system: Through hub exhaust pipe
Cooling: Forced water cooling
Ignition: With switchgear
Starting: Manual
Gear ratio: 12:23
Generator current: Alternator 12 V, 80 W
Control System: Tiller
Adjusting the trim: Tiller
Transfers: P.h.-N.-3.h.
Drive shaft length, mm: 46
Fuel tank, l: 25
Dry Weight: 51
Standard screw: 3x10 3/8x11

Extra description

Motors Commercial series are a recognized leader in the class of engines for commercial vessels. Independent modules with CDM discharge capacitor ignition systems generate voltages up to 40,000 V, which provides easy start, excellent fuel efficiency and reliability. Powerful power supply systems produce enough electricity to charge the battery and power accessories. Loop purging of the cylinder provides the best cleaning of exhaust gases and more complete filling of the cylinder with a combustible mixture that guarantees high power and efficiency. Motors without remote control differs with multifunction tiller, controlling throttle angle, adjust the resistance on the throttle grip, stop and start the engine, which is very convenient for work, leisure and fishing lure. Special handling and mounting ring of magnets attaching gives the reliability to the flywheel. Water pump with flexible impeller and stainless steel housing ensures exceptional corrosion resistance and reliability. Side gearshift lever of strengthened design ensures reliable operation throughout its lifetime. 

Legend modifications: 

M - manual start; E - Electric start-up; L - length of shaft hull 508mm; XL - length of shaft hull 635mm; No L, XL - length of shaft hull 381mm; O – automatic of petrol with oil .; PT - electric hydrolift; C - reverse rotation of the screw; EFI electric fuel injection; SW - for salt water; F - four-stroke engine; SeaPro - for commercial use; Sail - extra motor for yachts; BF – load reducer for heavy crafts; OptiMax - direct fuel injection; JET - the water jet engine.