Outboard motor Suzuki DF50

Outboard motor Suzuki DF50

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 814 cm3
  • Power 50 hp
  • Propeller Size - (4-stroke)
  • Weight 107 kg.


Power: 50 hp
Stroke: 4-stroke
Weight: 107.0 kg
Capacity: 814 cm3
Number of cylinders: 3
Maximum number of rotations per minute: 5200-65000
Bore / Stroke: 71x68 mm
Lubrication system: Carter
Ignition system: Transistor
Power Generator: 18A
Cooling system: Liquid
Switching gears: forward, neutral, reverse
Running: Electric
Motor Control: remote
Recommended height of the transom (mm): 381
The volume of oil in the crankcase (ml): 2200
The possibility of motion in shallow water: yes
Required battery capacity: 70-100ah
Recommended type of oil: 10W-30, 10W-40
Recommended fuel type: 92
Fuel tank: 25 l.
Propeller, the presence: 3-blade
Step of the propeller: 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Recommended spark plug: BKR6E
The presence of the cable emergency stop: yes
The toolkit: yes
Trimmer device: yes
Remote Control: yes
Tachometer: yes
Tim adjustment system: full-range hydraulic system 
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Extra description

Multiple winners winning DF40 and DF50 engines are renowned for their exceptional capacity performance, excellent efficiency, low vibration and noise and also emissions levels that meet the most stringent international eco-standards CARB 2008.

Lightweight aluminum 12-valve unit cylinder with capacity of 815 cm3 with multi-sequential fuel injection, ignition system with integral spark plug caps and coil can avoid a large number of component parts and simplify the wiring diagram.