Outboard motor Yamaha 200 A / F

Outboard motor Yamaha 200 A / F

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 2596 cm3
  • Power 147.1 kW
  • (2-stroke)
  • Weight 184 kg.


  • Engine Type: V-shape 90 ° 6-cylinder 2-stroke
  • Engine capacity: 2596 cm3
  • Power: 147.1 kW / 5000 rpm
  • Maximum operating range: 4500-5500 rpm
  • Weight (Base Model): 184.0 kg
  • Fuel system: Three twin carburettors
  • Fuel tank capacity: Optional
  • Lubrication system: Pre-mix
  • Ignition Coil / Alternator: 12V-6A
  • Gear ratio 14:26
  • System launch: Electric
  • Lifting mechanism: Hydraulic

Extra description

Two-stroke engines. Standard Series. If you wish to purchase only the best and for a reasonable price for your boat, one of the standard models of Yamaha motor is designed specifically for you. This "hard worker" motor is distinguished by high quality and reliability and that put Yamaha products without any competition. Continuous research and development ensure a continuous increase in the level of these motors. Proven motors with built-in charger, rechargeable battery continuously, reliably give the required power and Yamaha Motors’ legendary reliability. Even more than reasonable price in no way affects the unsurpassed quality of motors Yamaha. By selecting such a motor, you always make the right choice! 

The main differences of the series: 

* Easy to use and manage 
* Reliability of Yamaha 
* Ability to rotate around its own axis by 360 degrees using the steering wheel (2C, 3A, 4A, 5C) 
* Vibration Reducing System (15F, 9.9F)