Outboard motor Yamaha F5 AMHS

Outboard motor Yamaha F5 AMHS

Brief description

  • Description Engine 4 stroke, 1 cylinder
  • Engine capacity, cm3: 139

Extra description

These motors are lightweight, you can effortlessly bring them to the water or on the deck of the main vessel. Motors F4, F5 and F6 are easy to store, easy to use and start-up, provide the power needed for confidence on the water. 

Thanks to its compact size and large handles they are easy to transport, and developed by Yamaha CDI electronic ignition system ensures easy starting. On the water low fuel consumption, easy operation, low noise and vibration are guaranteed. And there is, as in any the Yamaha product, guaranteed reliability. 

For fishers who want a simple means of transportation on water, or a yacht owner who wants a convenient auxiliary motor, model F4, F5 and F6 are the ideal solution.