Outboard motor Yamaha F350A

Outboard motor Yamaha F350A

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 5330 cm3
  • Power 257.4 kW
  • (4-stroke)
  • Weight 370 kg.


Engine Type: V-shaped 8-cylinder
Volume: 5330 cm3
Power: 257.4 kW / 350 hp
Maximum operating range: 5000-6000 rpm
Weight (Base Model): 370 kg
Fuel system: Fuel Injector
Fuel tank capacity: -
Lubrication: With wet case
Ignition Coil / Alternator: 50A
Gear ratio: 26:15
System launch: Electric
Lift mechanism: ?

Extra description

The most powerful of the Yamaha outboards. 

Increased capacity and high-speed characteristics of outboard motors is one of the requirements for the propulsion for large ships. Earlier this year Yamaha has introduced the world's first 4-stroke 8-cylinder outboard engine with capacity of 5.3 liters. 

F350AET model provides a capacity of 350 hp on the propeller shaft. V-shaped cylinder arrangement with the angle of 60 degrees have reduced a size of engine in combination with variable valve timing provided increasing torque in the range of 2000-3500 min -1. The implementation of this power is assigned to the new line of propellers made of stainless steel Saltwater XL, allowing large boats go faster to a planing. 

A fundamentally new approach is implemented to the remote control station. The use of digital electronic throttle control system and gear shift has a built-in fuel injection control module ECM. Such a system has had a dual purpose. On the one hand it controls the engine and the fuel mixture composition in order to achieve maximum power and improving fuel economy. Ion sensors installed in each cylinder, monitor the completeness of combustion of fuel and optionally transmit a signal to change the ignition timing. On the other hand, the system is a kind of anti-theft device, as such a module is programmed to work only with a specific outboard motor. 

To improve the reliability and extend the life of the Yamaha company has introduced into the design some innovative solutions. To protect the engine from exposure to the aquatic environment, including marine, there are designed the anodes placed in the necessary points of the cooling system. Reinforced bracket, made of aluminum by pressing, provides a sturdy mount reduces vibration and noise of the motor running. Two dual water inlet located at the bottom front of the gear unit supply water independently one of another, increasing the efficiency of the cooling system.