Outboard motor Yamaha F40B

Outboard motor Yamaha F40B

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 747 cm3
  • Power 29.4 kW
  • (4-stroke)
  • Weight 86.1 (90.4) kg.


Engine Type: 3-cylinder, 4-stroke
Volume: 747 cm3
Power: 29.4 kW / 5500 rpm
Maximum operating range: 5000-6000 rpm
Weight (Base Model): F40FETS: 86.1 kg, F40FETL: 90.4 kg
Fuel system: 3 carburetors
Fuel tank capacity: Separate tank, F40BETS: 24 l, F40BETL: 24 l
Lubrication system: oil in the crankcase
Ignition Coil / Alternator: 12V-15A
Gear ratio 13:26
System launch: Electric
Lifting mechanism: Hydraulic

Extra description

Minimum emissions into the environment. Maximum pleasure. F40 - F50 - F60. 

Those who care about the environment, can now enjoy the pleasure of water travel without harming nature. Help comes from legendary Yamaha technology and the work of engineers that have created a "clean", from an environmental point of view, the four-stroke outboards in the class of medium power. 

They have met the most demanding fans of speed and have improved the performance parameters of all types of boats ... from sports models to the RIB type boats, from high-speed models for fishing to the worker’s boats.

And that is not all. Design and engineering groups of Yamaha company are continually developing new systems for the company's products to make them even more efficient, reliable, environmentally friendly, but not only faster! 

That is why we are so proud of these four remarkable outboards. Firstly on the F50F and F60C models the ultra-efficient fuel injection system is electronically controlled, and on models F40B, F50D, F60A thre-jet carburetor system is used. Both systems provide high power output at high engine speed and high torque at medium speeds. In addition, the accelerating pump (for maximum power during acceleration) and two speed control system trim and engine tilt angle and PrimeStart start system without using the choke, provide outstanding performance and reliability of the motors, and thus make your boat trip even more enjoyable. 

Like all models in 2007 with an electronically controlled fuel injection, F50F and F60C engines now have a port to connect to a new network of the Yamaha, complemented by a series of high-tech family of digital devices Digital Network Gauges. 

Highest performance and cost-effectiveness of environmentally friendly engines has increased to a maximum level of satisfaction from its use as by the water sports amateur, as well as by the professional. 

The main differences between the series: 
* New models F50F and F60C, equipped with injection system with electronic control 
* Ignition is controlled by a microprocessor 
* Automatic PrimeStart start system without using the choke to warm up the engine 
* Movement in shallow waters