Outboard motor Yamaha F 9.9 FMHS

Outboard motor Yamaha F 9.9 FMHS

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 323 cm3
  • Power 7.3 kW
  • (4-stroke)
  • Weight 39.9 kg.


Engine Type: 2-cylinder, 4-stroke
Volume: 323 cm3
Power: 7.3 kW / 5000 rpm
Maximum operating range: 4500-5500 rpm
Weight (Base Model): 39.9 kg
Fuel system: 1 carburetor
Fuel tank capacity: Separate tank, 12 l
Lubrication system: oil in the crankcase
Ignition Coil / Alternator: 12V-6A
Gear ratio 13:27
System launch: manual
Lifting mechanism: manual (8 °, 12 °, 16 °, 20 °)

Extra description

Power on the water does not necessarily imply the need to haul in the boat a large and bulky outboard motor because F8 and F9.9 are lightweight and easily transported. To do this, they have easy-to-use built-in carrying handle. 

Take advantage of very quiet operation, excellent fuel economy, as well as a combination of smooth reliable power and impressive traction. Yamaha CDI Ignition System ensures the capacitor start on the first attempt and turning the throttle control and transmission system "F-N-R" (Forward - Neutral - Reverse) makes operation simple and safe. 

These motors have many advantages that make them the perfect choice for moderate loads or short fishing trips with his family, as well as to use the boat for work.