Review of Suzuki DF300
Review of Suzuki DF300 In this sublunary world all passes - and glory and honor, and ... only memory remains. New «Suzuki DF300» will be remembered as the first 300-horsepower outboard motor in the history of four-stroke power units.
Two-stroke by SUZUKI (Suzuki DT2.2, Suzuki DT30, Suzuki DT40)
Two-stroke by SUZUKI (Suzuki DT2.2, Suzuki DT30, Suzuki DT40) In one of the issues in the material on the world market outboards it was reported that "the European market today is represented only by one two-stroke model" Suzuki "- 2.2 hp power."
Review of Suzuki DF15
Review of Suzuki DF15 It is the lightest among similar models from other producers and at the same time, one of the most dynamic. In 2005 a new model was released in which in addition to improving of the control panel a great attention was paid to ergonomics and ease of handling.

SUZUKI IS ON THE CREST OF SUCCESS There is such a job  to scour the world in search of technological innovations. An advertisement can do a lot but sometimes we need to find out first what would be known to all after a couple of months. And I'm going on a business trip again. My last trip was in Norway, in the north country that is very modern in technologies and located close to my native England.
Test of Suzuki DF140 motor
Test of Suzuki DF140 motor Until recent official presentation of the new 225 model with a strong index of "DF" Suzuki DF140 remained the most powerful engine in four-stroke line of the company. In 2002 the first 140-horsepower engines appeared in Russia. The general director of “Morskoy Skat” company - official distributor of "Suzuki" in Russia –  Dmitry Volkov answers the editorial’s  questions.

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