Preparation of the fuel mixture for two-stroke outboard motors Yamaha Enduro Series running on kerosene.

Fuel ratio
For outboard motors Yamaha Enduro working on kerosene include the following models:
Yamaha EK 40 JMHS
Yamaha EK 40 JMHL
Yamaha EK 40 JWS

Recommended fuel for these boat motors is a pre-mixed petrol with kerosene, each of which must contain 3% of the engine oil. Fuel consumption at maximum speed for these engines is 19.5 l / hour. Please note that these outboards are equipped with two separate fuel tanks for petrol (12 liters) and kerosene (25 liters).
Recommended engine oil grade for these outboard motors - this YAMALUBE, motor oil for two-stroke engines SHIP
If you can not get the recommended grade of motor oil, you can use a different engine oil for two-stroke engines category TC-W3, passed the certification of NMMA.
Please note that you should not use any other motor oil, except for specially designated.
Only use thoroughly mixed with a mixture of fuel oil. If the mixture is not well mixed or not complied with the mixing ratio may lead to serious problems. Since insufficient amount of oil can lead to major engine malfunction, such as a stuck piston (when the engine is overheated). Excessive amount of oil can lead to spark plugs thrown at oil, smoky exhaust and strong black sludge formation.

Methods of mixing gasoline / kerosene oil
Table 1. The pre-mixing proportions

Fuel ratio
to engine oil
30 : 1
30 : 1

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