Used equipment


A special emphasis in its activities the company makes Grizzly quality production. All boats companies are created in our own factory. Production of aluminum boats there are more than 5 years, during which time Grizzly company issued more than 2,000 boats and motor boats. The factory installed professional equipment, modern technologies and highly qualified professionals of shipbuilding.


Not to be unfounded, it is necessary to elaborate on the advantages of our equipment and the technologies used.


Hardware AirGraf & ndash; the world's leading manufacturer in the field of vacuum forming of the United States - provides the most thoroughly mix the resin with a catalyst under pressure and fed to the matrix. On AirGraf equipment manages to get the optimal ratio of weight and strength of the product. The light weight ensures that the resin required is much less than with a manual molding. This is possible due to the high level of absorption resin and fiberglass resin supply in a high-pressure matrix. When working on AirGraf eliminates the possibility of this type of marriage as & laquo; air bubbles & raquo ;, which is very common for manual molding. The possibility of other types of marriage is also excluded. It is possible to achieve due to the lack of human factors and the maximum automation of the process. Another advantage of vacuum forming, as compared with manual molding and other types, the maximum density is a plastic structure. производство2.jpg

Production on CNC Vulkan (French firm Goyanel) has undoubted advantages, both for the consumer and for the manufacturer. Accuracy, speed, lack of marriage and the human factor, minimizing waste and the use of innovative technologies - affects both the improvement of quality of products, and the reduction in its cost. As the producer receives the product at a low cost, respectively, it is possible to significantly reduce the market price of the boat.


The factory set welding equipment of the German company of EWM, using cold Ark technology - cold arc, which is considered to know - how in the welding industry. The technology allows to weld with minimal heating of the heat-affected zone, which excludes leashes, metal warping and changing the structure of the vicinity of the weld. This greatly increases the strength of the weld. The technology is a bilateral seam that stitches the inner boil cold Ark semiautomatic welding in an inert gas environment. External joints and supporting structures are produced by argon arc welding technology with automatic feeding filler wire in inert gases.


The technology of automatic wire feeding allows you to: ensure seamless continuity across the board, and greatly increases the welding speed, in consequence of which there is a decrease weld metal heating temperature.


The use of supporting structures in arc welding technology, in comparison with semi by 30% increases the strength characteristics of the product. Unlike other types of production, where only argon is used, in our production we use a mixture of argon and helium, which greatly improves the quality and appearance of the product. The plant is set modern CNC pipe bending machine used for the production of Rellingen. Work on this machine eliminates the possibility of marriage, provides a 100% repeatability of the geometry of the product, greatly increases the welding speed.


In the production of modern equipment is used to fill the internal cavities penopolioritanom boat boards. Equipment and mix under high pressure into the body submits penopolioritan foam cutters. Modern penopolioritany used in the production, have almost zero water absorption - only 0.05% of the foam volume Penopolioritan provides positive buoyancy, significantly improves sound insulation and strength quality boats.


All the work is performed at the plant highly qualified specialists with international certificates and more than a dozen years of experience in professional shipbuilding

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