Outboard motor HONDA BF75

Outboard motor HONDA BF75

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 1590 cm3
  • Power 75 hp
  • Screw Size -
  • (4-stroke)
  • Weight 163 kg.


Maximum power, kW (hp) 55.87 (75)
Engine Type: four-stroke, SOHC, EFI
Engine capacity, cm3 1496
Operating speed, rpm 5000 - 6000
Bore x stroke mm 73,0 x 89,4
Idle speed, rev / min 850 +/- 50
Number of cylinders: 4
Valves per cylinder 4
The drive of valves: 1 camshaft
Intake system: Injection PGM-FI
Generator: 44 A, 554 W
Weight 163 (the lightest option)
Gear ratio: 2.33: 1
Crankcase capacity, l ---
The capacity of the gearbox housing, l ---
Plug / gap: ---
Motor rake: Electro-hydraulic
Deadwood length: L / X (for the transom 508/635 mm)
Motor Control: Manual or remote
(Models marked R)
Possible models:/div>
BF90 LHTU: Manual control, electrolaunch,
electro-hydraulic lift
BF90 L (X) RTU: Remote control,
electro-hydraulic lift

Extra description

Four-stroke outboard Honda BF90, with a capacity of 90 HP, will give you power when you need it. Effective intake system 4-to-4 uses a single carburetor for each cylinder, which increases the responsiveness of the engine and helps the boat to pick up speed quickly. Display system of the engine is able to tell you about overheating, low oil and excess speed.