Outboard motors Mercury

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Over 60 years Mercury motors occupy a leading position in the global market of outboard motors and is not a secret that Mercury is the engine number 1 in Ukraine and Russia. To these results developers and engineers of Mercury outboards have come decades. All operations from design to assembly and testing Mercury outboard motors have been under strict control, follow-up testing and multiple tests and they have done their job. Today Mercury outboard motor is the optimal combination of reliability, performance, durability, comfort and, if not strange, prices. And now the choice of boat motors is great as never before - from 2.5 to 250 horsepower.

All Mercury outboard engines can be divided into several groups. The first is two-stroke outboard motors. It is an exceptional ratio of weight and power more powerful than any other outboard motors have been created in order to provide you the maximum comfort during navigation. The second is four-stroke outboard motors. Mercury has the most advanced technology of four-stroke outboard motors, and being the largest producer, produces models with an unrivaled reputation in matters of strength and durability based on the experience of hundreds of thousands of owners.

Whatever type of Mercury outboard motor you choose, we guarantee you the ease of maintenance and durability, stable and accurate operation of all mechanisms, as well as maximum comfort and convenience during use Mercury outboard motors.

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