Outboard motor Suzuki DT40 / DT40R

Outboard motor Suzuki DT40 / DT40R

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 696 cm3
  • Power 29.4 (40) HP
  • Propeller size from 9 "to 16" inches (2-stroke)
  • Weight 75 kg.


Maximum power, kW (hp): 29,4 (40)
Engine Type: 2-stroke
Engine capacity, cm3: 696
Number of cylinders: 2
Weight, kg: 75
Motor rake: Manual
Charging the battery: 12 V, 80 W
The length of the lower unit: S (for a transom 381 mm)
Fuel tank capacity, l: 25
Motor Control: DT40: Manual; DT40R: Remote, electrical start
Ignition system: SUZUKI P.E.I.
Cooling system: Water
Switching gears: forward, neutral, reverse

Extra description

DT40 Standard equipment includes: electronic ignition system Suzuki P.E.I, guaranteeing a quick start of the engine; water cooling system with two water intake holes, allowing the motor to operate smoothly even if one hole is clogged; limiting the maximum speed; treatment with a special anti-corrosion composition of the main power and connecting motor units.