Outboard motor Suzuki DF140

Outboard motor Suzuki DF140

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 2044 cm3
  • Power 140 hp
  • Propeller Size -
  • (4-stroke)
  • Weight 186 kg.


Power: 140 hp
Stroke: four-stroke, DOHC, EFI
Weight: L - 186, X - 191
Capacity: 2044 cm3
Number of cylinders: 4
The maximum number of revolutions per minute: 5600 - 6200
Bore / stroke: 86.0 x 88.0 mm
Intake system: Injection ( EFI )
Generator power: 12V, 40A, 480W
Gear ratio: 2,59:1
Crankcase capacity, l: 5,5
The capacity of the gear housing: 1050 cm3
State screw (Blade x Diameter x Step), inch: 3 x 14 x 19
Propeller selection step, inch: 15 - 24
Plugs / gap: NGK BKR6E / 0,7 - 0,8 mm
Battery required power: L / X (for the transom 508/635 mm)
Motor rake: Electrohydraulic
Motor Control: Remote electrical start
Models DF140TZL ( TZX ): Reverse rotation of the screw

Extra description

Easy DF140 is the best of the 4-stroke engines in its class in ratio weight-power. Weighting just 186 kg it has maximum capacity of 140 hp.  
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<div>Reinforced one-piece crankshaft, multi-sequential fuel injection system, improved engine ventilation system - all this ensures not only a low level of fuel consumption and smooth operation of the engine at any speed, but also its durability. A stylish DF140 hood design will please those who appreciate not only the functionality, but also beauty. </div>