Outboard motor Suzuki DF175

Outboard motor Suzuki DF175

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 2867 cm3
  • Power 175 hp
  • Propeller Size -
  • (4-stroke)
  • Weight 215 kg.


Power: 175 hp
Stroke: four-stroke, DOHC, EFI
Weight: L - 215, X - 220
Capacity: 2867 cm3
Number of cylinders: 4
The maximum number of revolutions per minute: 5500 - 6100
Bore / stroke: 97,0 х 97,0 mm
Intake system: Injection ( EFI )
Generator power: 12V, 44A, 528W
Gear ratio: 2,50:1
Crankcase capacity, l: 7,6
The capacity of the gear housing 1100 cm3
State screw (Blade x Diameter x Step), inch: On choice
Propeller selection step, inch: 17 - 27
Plugs / gap: NGK BKR6E / 0,7 - 0,8 mm
Battery required power: L / X (for the transom 508/635 mm)
Motor rake: Electrohydraulic
Motor Control: Remote electrical start
Models DF175TZL (TZX): Reverse rotation of the screw

Extra description

The working volume of the cylinder of the new engines is 2867 cm3 (175 cu. In). The increase in operating unit volume has not resulted to an increase in size. DF150 and DF175 are the most lightweight and compact in their class and weight only 215 kg. A special feature of DF175 is the system of stepless valve control. Other outstanding technical advantages of the new products include: 

32-bit on-board computer, which controls not only the engine sensors, but coherent system of fuel injection; matched digital fuel injection; varying ignition timing depending on the operating mode of the engine; offset stern tube shaft axis relative to the crankshaft; two-stage air supply to the cylinders; two holes for washing with fresh water and the largest class in the gear ratio (2.5: 1).