Outboard motor Suzuki DF300

Outboard motor Suzuki DF300

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 256.6 in3
  • Power 300 hp
  • Propeller Size -
  • (4-stroke)
  • Weight 277 kg.


Power: 300 hp
Stroke: four-stroke, DOHC, EFI
Weight: X - 272, XX - 277
Capacity: 4028, 0 cu. cm Capacity: 4028 cm3
Number of cylinders: V6, the collapse of 55 degrees
The maximum number of revolutions per minute: 5700 - 6300
Bore / stroke: 98,0 х 89,0 mm
Intake system: Injection (EFI)
Generator power: 12V, 54A, 648 W
Gear ratio: 2,08:1
Crankcase capacity, l: 8,2
The capacity of the gear housing 1100 cm3
Propeller Selection step, inch: 17 - 27
Plugs / gap: NGK BKR6E / 0,7 - 0,8 mm
Battery required power: X / XX (for the transom 635/762 mm)
Motor rake: Electrohydraulic
Motor Control: Remote electrical start
Models DF300TZX ( TZXX ): Reverse rotation of the propeller

Extra description

On today DF300 is the flagship of the world's motorbuilding and the most powerful 4-stroke outboard motor in the world. The volume of the cylinder block is 4028 cc and it weights 274 kg. This is approximately the same weight that 250 2-stroke engine weights and is slightly smaller than most of the 200 4-stroke models of other manufacturers. A distinctive feature of the new model is almost perfect in terms of hydrodynamic gear housing, which allows to increase significantly the acceleration dynamics and simultaneously to provide tangible fuel savings. Here a revolutionary new SUZUKI Precision Control Management System is first introduced, which is an exclusive development of SUZUKI corporation. DF300 is operated without wires, through the application of an electric cable and special actuators. This simplifies the installation of the mechanical remote controls, facilitates their placement, allows placing two control stations to the boat with no difficulties, makes it easy to install multiple engines on the transom. But the most important thing is that the process of system installation, settings, and boat control is now delivering real pleasure. Try to imagine the POWER of the flagship SUZUKI!