Outboard motor Suzuki DF5

Outboard motor Suzuki DF5

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 597 cm3
  • Power 5 hp
  • Propeller Size - (4-stroke)
  • Weight 25 kg.


Power: 5 hp
Stroke: 4-stroke
Weight: 25.0 / 26.0 kg
Capacity: 138 cm3
Number of cylinders: 1
Maximum number of rotations per minute: 5750 / 4500-5500
Bore / Stroke: 62x46 mm
Gear ratio: 2.15: 1
Lubrication system: Carter
Ignition system: CDI
Power generator: 72 (coil) / 6A
Cooling system: Liquid
Switching gears: forward, neutral, reverse
Starting: Manual
Motor Control: Tiller
Recommended height of the transom (mm): 381/508
The possibility of motion in shallow water: yes
The volume of oil in the gearbox: 190 ml
The volume of oil in the crankcase: 700 ml
Recommended type of oil: 10W-30, 10W-40
Recommended fuel type: 92
Fuel tank capacity: 1.5 liters, built-in.
Propeller, the presence: 3-blade
Recommended spark plug: BPR6ES
The presence of the cable Emergency stop: yes
The toolkit: yes

Extra description

DF4, DF5 and DFb are a great example of how you can combine all the advantages of a 4-stroke technology (such as cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness) with portable size. 

Specifications include: the largest by volume in its class cylinder - 138 cm3, good torque at low and medium speeds, automatic speed limiter, digital ignition system with integrated coil, which constantly monitors the time and frequency of ignition and ensures the stability of idling.