Outboard motor Yamaha 40V

Outboard motor Yamaha 40V

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 698 cm3
  • Power 29.4 kW
  • (2-stroke)
  • Weight 74.5 (77.3) kg.


Engine Type: 3-cylinder 2-stroke
Engine capacity: 698 cm3
Power: 29.4 kW / 5000 rpm
Maximum operating range: 4500-5500 rpm
Weight (Base Model): 40VEOS: 74.5 kg 40 VEOS: 77.3 kg
Fuel system: 3 carburettors
Fuel tank capacity: Separate pot 24 l
Lubrication system: Pre-mixed
Ignition Coil / Alternator: 12V-6A
Gear ratio 13:24
System launch: Electric
Lifting mechanism: Manual(8 °, 12 °, 16 °, 20 °, 24 °)

Extra description

Two-stroke engines. Pleasure Series. 

Fans of the rest on water for a long time have imbued with full confidence to the Yamaha brand. A tamed power at any speed provides obedience of the motor to your wishes. Today our Pleasure Series models are better than ever, and are able to meet a variety of needs. Make no mistake: there is always an engine that is right for you. Built-in charger continuously recharges the batteries and the pulse generator delivers outstanding fuel economy and smooth acceleration active. Our oil injection system continuously monitors the load on the motor, pinpointing the necessary amount of oil and there is no need to mix gasoline and oil. Finally with the presence of the injection system with microprocessor control – a standard component of the more powerful models - you can be sure that the setting and the fuel economy of your engine will always be optimal. 

The main differences of the series: 

* Comfort while traveling and reliability 
* Oil injection system 
* The wide-range trim adjustment and the tilt angle of the motor (models 50 hp and higher, except 50HMHOS) 
* Movement in shallow waters (except 50HMHOS) 
* Prim Start system (models with capacity 90-40 hp with electric starter)