Outboard motor Yamaha 115B

Outboard motor Yamaha 115B

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 1730 cm3
  • Power 84.6 kW
  • (2-stroke)
  • Weight 154 kg.


Engine Type: V-shape 90 ° 4-cylinder 2-stroke
Engine capacity: 1730 cm3
Power: 84.6 kW / 5000 rpm
Maximum operating range: 4500-5500 rpm
Weight (Base Model): 154.0 kg
Fuel system: Two twin carburettors
Fuel tank capacity: Separate pot 24 l
Lubrication system: Pre-mixed
Ignition Coil / Alternator: 12V-10A
Gear ratio 13:26
System launch: Electric
Lifting mechanism: Hydraulic

Extra description

Two-stroke engines. Enduro Series. For over 45 years Yamaha delivers reliable outboards for heavy duty to the most demanding users - people for whom the boat is a working tool. Outboard motors Origin series perfectly suit this purpose. If during the day you catch a fish and then for hours come back home from fishing grounds, these models are for you. Their design perfectly suits for your type of business, providing the necessary power and agility. Outboard motors Enduro series from the first to the last detail are designed for long hours of continuous operation in harsh conditions, inherent in commercial fisheries. Years of rigorous tests have allowed identifying those systems that are essential for a motor on the long road to the beach. 

The main differences between the series:
* Durability and reliability 
* Movement in shallow waters 
* Electronic ignition (CDI) 
* Powerful alternator