Outboard motor Yamaha F15C

Outboard motor Yamaha F15C

Brief description

  • Engine capacity 362 cm3
  • Power 11.0 kW
  • (4-stroke)
  • Weight 51.7 (53.7) kg.


Engine Type: 2-cylinder, 4-stroke
Volume: 362 cm3
Power: 11.0 kW / 5500 rpm
Maximum operating range: 5000-6000 rpm
Weight (Base Model): F15CMHS: 51.7 kg, F15CEHS: 53.7 kg
Fuel system: 1 carburetor
Fuel tank capacity: Separate tank, 24 l
Lubrication system: oil in the crankcase
Ignition Coil / Alternator: 12V-10A
Gear ratio 13:27
System launch: F15CMHS: manual, F15CEHS: electric
Lifting mechanism: manual (0 °, 4 °, 8 °, 12 °)

Extra description

Meet please the representatives of the middle weight category F9.9 - F15 - F20 - F25. 

Each of these beautiful and stylish twin-cylinder four-stroke engines is a leader in its class and has many advantages, including ease of management and control, smooth operation, fuel economy, high operating performance, lower emissions of harmful substances, all of which makes them an ideal the object of choice for commercial, professional and amateur use. 

Motors F15 and F20 are brand new products in 2007 with a new design of the upper casing. They are equipped with a number of systems that are usually unique to the larger engines, such as the system of computer-controlled ignition, a special system run under a light load, water-cooled fuel pump, muffler, large volume, etc. 

Management focused on one arm, a powerful alternator and control system and the engine trim angle of inclination on the F25 model are some more attractive features of these engines, which are the lightest and compact in their power class. 

The main differences between the series: 
* New engines F15C and F20B 
* Electronic Ignition System 
* Powerful alternator