Outboard motors Suzuki

SUZUKI MARINE Company is a world leader in the production of outboard motors.

 The model range of outboard engines SUZUKI coexists as very reliable - easy and inexpensive two-stroke outboard motors, as well as ultra-modern four-stroke engines, which include a host of new technical solutions and stay ahead of competition on the set of parameters, the most important of which are the reliability, performance ratio and outboard weight to its power.

 Before the start of serial production of outboard engines SUZUKI Company has spent many months and means to develop, design and testing of engines, achieving a production technology that takes into account all the requirements of the owners of outboard motors Suzuki. SUZUKI Company pays close attention to build quality outboard engines and the quality of materials and components. On SUZUKI plants every new released outboard motor is started and tested.

Legend of number structures of outboard model Suzuki

DT - two-stroke engine
DF - four-stroke engine
E - Electric start
L - length of deadwood (508mm)
K - Engine running on kerosene
R - remote control and electrical start
S - standard deadwood (381 mm)
T - Hydraulic tilting motor or hydraulic tilting and trimming, electrical start, remote control
UL (X) - Ultra long deadwood (635mm)
XX - deadwood length of 762 mm
Z - the reverse rotation of the screw (for twin installation, supplied without instruments and accessories)
A - a new generation of models

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