Grizzly Company

The Grizzly Company is engaged in production of aluminum boats, successfully conducts the activity in the market of water-motor equipment since 2006.

Grizzly provides a full range of services for: maintenance, repair, storage, tuning, transportation, insurance supply and sale of components for boats.

Has a wide dealer network in all major cities of Russia and neighboring countries, regularly participates in competitions, exhibitions and test drives.

The boats are manufactured in-house. Grizzly pays special attention to the quality of production.

It also has its own service center, where it provides a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of water-motor equipment at the highest level.

On its territory, located within the city limits on the banks of the Neva river, Grizzly provides services of secure Parking on the shore, water and winter storage.

Our advantages

Only 100% product quality

Own factory

Located in St. Petersburg and equipped with modern equipment (AirGraf, Vulkan CNC machines)

Innovative technologies

High-quality Assembly at all stages of production

Highly qualified staff

All employees have the highest qualification in the field of shipbuilding

Flexible pricing policy

You can choose a boat according to your wishes


Production on the Vulkan CNC machine (French company Goyanel) allows you to get excellent accuracy, speed, lack of defects and the human factor, minimize waste and use innovative technologies, this affects both improving the quality of the product and reducing its cost. Since the manufacturer receives the product at a low cost, accordingly, it is possible to significantly reduce the market price of the boat.
  • low cost
  • the lack of marriage
  • reliability

AirGraf Equipment – the world's leading manufacturer in the field of vacuum molding from the United States-allows you to mix the resin with the catalyst most thoroughly under pressure and feed it into the matrix.
On The airgraf equipment, it is possible to obtain the most optimal ratio of weight and strength of the product.

When working on AirGraf, the possibility of such a type of marriage as "air bubbles", which is very common in manual molding, is excluded. The possibility of other types of marriage is also excluded. This can be achieved due to the absence of the human factor and maximum automation of the process.

Another advantage of vacuum molding, in comparison with manual and other types of molding, is the maximum density of the plastic structure.

The history of the company

Founding of the company

Drawing up a company development plan


Purchasing Vulcan

Purchase of CNC machines from Vulcan


Purchasing AirGraf

Purchase of equipment from AirGraf


Entering the international market

Development of the dealer network in the CIS countries


1110 boats sold

For the first time, the company's sales exceeded 1000 boats


2500 boats sold

For the first time, the company's sales exceeded 2500 boats

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