Across Ireland islands with SUZUKI motor

In truth, the truth, 140-horsepower engine «Suzuki» Long Deadwood was a bit weak for a relatively congested «Stormforce» inflatable RIB-boats. We have quite enough speed to 30 knots, but not all of this would have been enough.

At full speed, according to the testimony of the sensor «Navman» navigation, fuel consumption was 33 liters per hour. A marked reduction in fuel consumption was achieved while reducing speed to 2/3 of the maximum. And yet, given the thrust to weight ratio and to provide the required rate of movement, a large part of the distance, we were exactly at full speed. Although it was not odd economical solution, but our stock of 180 liters in the tank under the deck with a plastic tub on the deck at the bow, we had the opportunity to go through almost 370 km without refueling.

Traction motor characteristics are very good, handling is unmatched! Not once during the campaign was not the case, that we did not have enough power or to the vessel lost control due to the lack of power to the motor. This engine combines perfectly with an inflatable boat and RIB allows you to feel confident on the board, even with the great excitement when the steering in the cockpit feels the presence of the power reserve, just in, so to speak, “fire event”.

Experts «Suzuki», creating the 186-pound outboard, sought to provide 103 kW of power generation of compact, lightweight four-cylinder engine without having to sacrifice something important.

This results in a motor with a displacement of 2044 cm3 in the cylinder 86 mm caliber with a stroke of 88 mm, which produces a liter of fuel is not less than 51.5 kW of power, which ensures the best ratio of dead weight to power among the four-stroke engines in its category.

To the motor could show all that capable, should provide unrestricted air flow. For it is in the original form of the vent valve inlet, which can be seen in photos of the hood. The air passing through the inlet, first enters the large muffler, then the long aluminum tube to the cylinders falls through the mixer. Competitions have confirmed the effectiveness of attention given the problem of designers reduce resistance in the exhaust system at the general low level of motor operation noise and low content of the combustion products in the exhaust gases.

And, nevertheless, to align the displacement of the boat, and make full use of the traction motor capabilities, we immediately changed the regular aluminum screw with a pitch of 21 inches (53.34 cm) on the screw made of stainless steel with a pitch of 19 inches (48.26 cm) model «Solas» from the company «Steel Developments». This change made it possible to raise the optimal engine speed to 500 rpm. / Min., Bringing them up to the passport 5500. / Min. (With a maximum of 6000 rev. / Min.) And to improve efficiency without loss of speed and traction characteristics. Screw «Solas» well proven in all waters, where we have been, and was not required to adjust the position of the speed control to prevent cavitation or screw slippage.

In our opinion, the screw «Solas» just created for this engine because it perfectly compatible with it. Many shipyard inexplicably overwhelmed mounted motors, forcing them to work at full capacity, which is not only accelerated wear on the engine, but also impairs the maneuverability of the vessel, it does not allow to maintain a constant speed, or will constantly divert the ship off course to the left. We, fortunately, there were no such problems, because the motor «Suzuki 140″ cavitation plate was set up very well – just above the cut V-shaped bottom. This setting provides the highest level of raising the nose boat, but also creates the conditions for optimum aeration screw working at the water’s surface. Moreover, the steering was possible to adjust the inclination of the engine in a very broad range of angles.

Like most modern outboard motors, «Suzuki 140″ is difficult to revive in case of any problems. It so happened that our boat engine nearly died in the process of refilling the fuel tank built with the help of, borrowed for the occasion of the canister. It seems that some of the cans manufactured by companies or provided by local port authorities to hire equipment items, to put it mildly, not very clean inside.

As a result, even a small amount of fuel mixed with the smallest contaminants, dirt penetrate this helps not only to all fuel filters, but even compressed into the high pressure fuel injectors. This has led to two extra “emergency” stop before we were able to completely clean the fuel system from dirt. Thank God, at least to us on board computer is not handy!

The main share of problems with outboard engines on the high seas accounted for dirty fuel, so be sure to always pay special attention to how fueling the fuel tanks of the boat, since it is in a strange canister may be water or a collection of mud pieces, which for a long time collecting local homeless uncle Willy. For outboard honor it must be said that none of its inner part has never broken. Along the way the engine «Suzuki» passed 1800 km, working at the highest speed for 8 hours a day, several times changing speed to the smallest, starting in the heated and cold. In contrast to the problems that we have faced in the past year on the race “Around Britain” with four 50-horsepower outboard motors, “the Suzuki”, our new 140-horsepower outboard motor never even gave signs of precarious work. Clean, quiet and fairly economical for its size, this new outboard motor best suited to any RIB-boats of medium size.

I have only one complaint about the assembly of the outboard motor, although I do not know to whom to present this claim – to «Redbay» or «Suzuki»? When only time we needed urgently to muffle the engine, it was found that the wires from the instrument panel to the limit switch simply were not connected!

Someone definitely just slept on the job. I’m told this is not to prove the existence of any deficiencies in the best product, but just in order to share experiences. When it comes to your own safety, you should never blindly rely on other people. This is your life, and thus care about her can not subcontract to anyone!

In conclusion, especially for aesthetes should be noted that the outboard motor «Suzuki 140″ very stylish looks, its elegant streamlined shape complemented cute tides on the hood of a very attractive blue-black color. Not as an engineer and as an ordinary user who experience a hike around Ireland, I can appreciate this motor extremely high.

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