FAQ on Yamaha outboard motors

Frequently asked questions about Yamaha outboard motors

I would use my low-power Yamaha engine with manual start of the battery charging. It can be modified Yamaha charging system so as to be able to do this?

There rectifiers from Yamaha for many models of engines. Set alternating electric DC converter includes a rectifier, fuse and installation components. Installation of such a kit would allow to charge batteries.
There are kits for the following Yamaha outboard motors with manual start:
Two-stroke: 8 hp, 9.9 hp, 15 hp and 25 hp
Four: F8 hp, F9.9 hp, hp F15, F20 hp and F25 hp

Can I have a Yamaha outboard motor with manual settings of transfer to the remote control?

There are kits for remote control models of outboard motors Yamaha: Two-stroke: 8 hp, 9.9 hp, 15 hp and 25 hp
Four: T8 hp, F9.9 hp, T9.9 hp and F15 hp
Depending on the specific model of boat motor before installing the remote control kit, previously it may be necessary to install some additional components.

I want to put on my new boat outboard Yamaha. Will there be compatible with the new motor is already installed on the boat remote control, control panel, starting from the key components and assembly?

New engines (except those that use dashboards Command Link ™ Digital and electronic control system Electronic Controls) compatible with earlier additional equipment as long as the existing equipment is in good working order. Your control unit, the throttle cable, the ignition, fuel tank (if it matches) will be compatible. However, remember that the components of the new PowerMatched ™ system from Yamaha designed specifically to work with each other and provide you with the highest level of usability of your boat with Yamaha outboard motors.

If you look at the propeller Yamaha boat motor, the side you can find two stamped numbers and letters. What do they mean?

Number indicates propeller pitch, and the letter codes for a series of screws. This coding is required for the dealers, and represents a series of engines to which the propeller is suitable. For example: 17M is a screw with a pitch of 17 inches M-series created for Yamaha outboards ranging from 150 to 300 hp

How do I determine the pitch and the diameter of the propeller for Yamaha outboard motor?

Number stamped on each screw on the inner surface of the hub is designated diameter and pitch of the screw. The first issue – is the diameter, and the number may be fractional. The second room with a letter designation series propeller indicates propeller pitch. For example, you can see 15 1/8 X 25T or 13 3/4 X 17M

Can I use not original (not made by Yamaha) accessories and accessories to modify my Yamaha outboard motor?

As a user you are free to use any accessories not manufactured by Yamaha. But remember that Yamaha will not be able to test and recommend that this type of equipment. Also remember that many possible modifications may reduce the reliability or safety of your boat motor. Before you modify your Yamaha outboard motor or installed not original accessories, you should carefully read the conditions of our limited warranty, as any damage caused by this kind of modifications may not be covered under warranty rement.

What do I do if I lose my keys from my Yamaha outboard motor?

On your way specified number. You should record this number in the user guide in a specially designated place. You can order a new key by your dealer. If you do not record this number, and lost keys, the dealer can set the desired number when removing the main switch on your boat.

How should I carry outboard Yamaha?

Proper shipping outboard motor is very important, since improper transportation can cause any damage to the motor or to the deterioration of the boat or the most serious injury to people. Please read your owner’s manual as transportation procedure is different for different models of the Yamaha outboards.

Can I run a Yamaha outboard motor out of the water?

Never run your outboard motor out of the water, unless you are using an external adapter for washing the lower units, also called «ear muffs», designed for your type of boat motor (not to be confused with pure water flushing system, which is installed on some engines) at the same time strictly follow the rules of use of the adapter.

What propeller should I use for Yamaha Motor?

When choosing a boat motor it is essential to select the correct propeller. The type, size and design of the propeller of the outboard motor has a direct impact on acceleration, top speed, fuel economy, and even engine work life. Yamaha Company creates and manufactures propellers for all models of Yamaha outboard motors for all sorts of purposes.
Choose a propeller for the boat motor so that the motor has reached the middle or the upper operating range at full throttle with the maximum load the boat. Generally, for boats with a small load should buy screw with a big step, and for large boats – the screw with a small step. If you use the boat and its load are different every time, you should buy a screw, which is good to cope with the maximum load, but it is necessary to lower the gas, when the boat is minimally loaded. Many of the Yamaha outboard motors, which have a capacity of up to 40 hp, are available with advance providing a wide scope mounted propellers, but you can also pick up the necessary screws for specific operating conditions.

How should I start outboard Yamaha, if it is equipped with PrimeStart ™ system?

The system also automatically controls the heating of the motor process. Thus, with PrimeStart ™ system there is no need to warm up the engine by increasing the speed at the neutral rate. Just start the engine, and PrimeStart ™ system will provide the necessary heating.

How PowerMatched ™ equipment will provide the user the highest level of usability?

PowerMatched ™ Acquisition means that absolutely everything in the power of the boat, from the control buttons and finishing with a propeller, 100% manufactured by Yamaha. And because all of these components are made by Yamaha for Yamaha products, they work together as a system with exceptional compatibility and functionality. Increased reliability, high resistance to corrosion, and the maximum duration of use of the boat without any problems. PowerMatched ™ system from Yamaha Tests have shown that it provides the highest level of usability and reduces the likelihood of damage compared to other systems.

What does work is a warning buzzer on the motor Yamaha?

Before using Yamaha boat motor, you should carefully read the operating instructions. Work buzzer signal can mean a number of warnings during motor operation. In most cases, when an audio signal is triggered just look at the dashboard. If the buzzer indicates a problem with the oil or overheating, the signal will be accompanied by a decrease in engine speed. If the buzzer is activated when you start the engine, and then shuts down, it may indicate that there is water in the water separator. This may also be coupled during normal operation of engines installed PowerMatched ™ system. If you can not understand the reasons for the buzzer operation, you should suspend the operation of the engine and contact a qualified service center. Remember that the work of the overheated engine or with a shortage of oil can cause serious damage to your outboard.

Why, Yamaha ceases to indicate the model year on their outboard motors?

From model year to model year engines often do not change, and therefore information about the model year is not informative for the particular engine.
Yamaha is planning to introduce new products and enhancements on an ongoing basis the models constantly, instead of the traditional approach of “change model year.” Eliminating the concept of the model year, Yamaha will introduce new models and improvements during the year, which corresponds to the desire of a more sensitive and responsive to the desires of consumers and market changes.
In addition, dealers and shipbuilders are now able to maintain an adequate inventory throughout the year, as not in their interest in advance to reduce the number of engines in anticipation of a new “model year”. And so you have more chance to get something from the dealer that you want exactly when you want it.

How do I know when Yamaha outboard motor was produced?

All Yamaha outboard motors have always been and will be marked with the production date on the package. engine production date shown on the right montirovochnom bracket, that is where is stamped with the month and year of manufacture.

What if I want to use a new engine and Yamaha Yamaha motor of the same power, which I now use for installation in a two-seater?

There is no significant difference between the outboard motors, if they are the same model (for example, there is no difference between the F150 and F150 produced yesterday made a few months ago).
When Yamaha has introduced significant changes in the outboard motor, the modified motor is renamed and presented as a new model of the outboard motor. Using the new designation of the motor, you can determine whether to use outboard motors in the latest technology, and whether such a technology is used in the same your engine if you want to put the twin motors.

How do I buy paint for minor repairs to my Yamaha outboard motor?

Serviced paint, paint scratches and chips – it is the right way to maintain your Yamaha outboard in good condition, it helps the motor to look newer, but also protects the outboard motor from corrosion. The catalog of spare parts for your model Yamaha Motor You can find the part that needs painting. Each item has a 12-digit code number. The last 2 numbers paint color coded symbol. For example the hood motor outboard Yamaha F90 may have 6D8-42610-00-4D code number, so that’s 4D – this is the paint code. The paint can be ordered from authorized dealers.

What preventive actions I take to extend the life of my Yamaha outboard motor?

To prolong the life of the boat Yamaha motor, you must use the correct quality oil, the correct fuel, fuel additive, such as Ring Free ™. We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the answers to the previous questions regarding fuel and engine oil.

Can I use the fuel for Yamaha Motor, which contains methanol?

No. If you are using gasoline with alcohol addition of ethanol, its concentration must not exceed 10%.

Can I use for Yamaha motor fuel containing MTBE?

MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether – methyl t-butyl ether) was added to the fuel for oxygenation, and thus reduce exhaust emissions. It was subsequently found that MTBE is associated with contamination of groundwater, and MTBE fuels with the addition was excluded from most of the applications, replaced by gasoline and ethanol with the addition of alcohol. The use of gasoline by adding MTBE will not cause problems with the motor. Note that the mixing of gasoline and ethanol and MTBE will cause its contamination.

How to avoid problems when used Yamaha outboard motor fuel with the addition of ethanol?

Here are the most frequent problems:
Ethanol can absorb moisture from the air, primarily through the neck of the fuel tank. This means that the fuel is contaminated with water.
Ethanol can dissolve some of the solid materials contained in the tank (such as an internal enamel or steel can oxidize fuel tanks or aluminum) and thus contaminate the fuel. Ethanol may also promote corrosion in the fuel system, or even to dissolve some of the components of the fuel system (such as fuel tanks made of fiberglass).
Ethanol can chemically interact with MTBE (Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether – methyl t-butyl ether), which can cause contamination of the fuel.
Since ethanol fuel has a tendency, in comparison with other fuels, chemically break down rapidly, it quickly becomes unusable.

In order to avoid the problems described above when using fuel with ethanol content, Yamaha recommends the following guidelines:
Install the filter Yamaha mini-10 (for the outboard power below 150 hp) or a filter 10 Micron’s (for boat engines 150 hp or greater), or any other 10-micron filter designed for use boats with motors mounted Yamaha. These filters are designed to filter out dirt and water separation. This is especially important with outboard motors EFI and HPDI engines. Have a replaceable filter cartridge in case the filter element becomes clogged, when you use the boat on the water.
Use compatible with ethanol fuel system components. In case of incompatibility replace incompatible components (e.g., fuel tank, made of glass).
Use fresh fuel. Do not store fuel containing ethanol longer than is necessary. Yamaha is also recommended to use a special fuel conditioners (Yamaha Fuel Stabilizer Conditioner), which you can obtain from your dealer to extend the shelf life of a fuel containing and not containing ethanol.
Avoid mixing fuel containing ethanol and MTBE.

Why should I have a pre-filter fuel pre on my boat?

preliminary coarse fuel filter (mounted in the gasoline pipe extending from the fuel tank to the engine) will help maintain the performance and durability of your outboard. Directly in your boat motor fuel filters are present, but the application of pre-fuel pre filters provides additional assurance that no fine slurry or water will not get in your boat motor. Company Yamaha strongly recommends the use of 10-micron water and gasoline separator, especially for outboard motors with Yamaha EFI or HPDI engines.
Please note that failure outboard motor as a result of water or solid particles in the fuel system is not covered by warranty.

Can I use oil Yamalube 2-W on my outboard motors Yamaha?

No. Engine oil Yamalube 2-W has been created exclusively for individual marine engines with catalytic converters. This oil is not intended for use in outboard motors.

Which oil should I use for my two-stroke Yamaha outboard motor?

For all two-stroke outboard engines, Yamaha recommends the use of engine oil Yamalube® 2-M TC-W3®. Yamalube® 2-M is designed to meet all the requirements of the factory, in addition, TC-W3® oil certified by the National Association of marine equipment manufacturers (USA). This certificate is given to motor oils made specifically for two-stroke marine outboard engines, with high protection against rust and coking compression ring, corrosion, fouling and wear.

Which oil should I use for my four-stroke Yamaha outboard motor?

For all two-stroke outboard engines, Yamaha recommends the use of engine oil Yamalube® 4-M FC-W ™. Yamalube® 4-M is designed to meet all the requirements of the factory, in addition, new oil FC-W ™ has been certified by the national association of marine equipment manufacturers (USA). This certificate is given to motor oils made specifically for marine four-stroke outboard motors, which are operated in an environment very different from the operating conditions of automobile engines.

Can I use a car engine oil for my Yamaha outboard motor?

No. Car engine oils are not created for the conditions in which it operates four outboard motors, such as high humidity, operating temperature, continuous operation at full throttle with the maximum load. Car oils do not contain a sufficient amount of anti-rust additives contained in the oil FC-W ™.

Can I use synthetic motor oil for my Yamaha outboard motor?

Yamaha has never tested synthetic motor oils for their outboard motors, and therefore can not recommend any of them. But whatever motor oil you use, always check whether the engine oil is certified by the standard FC-W ™ a national association of marine equipment manufacturers (NMMA).

What is the running time for the two-stroke Yamaha outboard motor?

For new motors required running-in period, during which the moving parts in contact surfaces burnished to each other. Correct break-in mode for each model outboard specified in the User’s Guide. The period of the running two-stroke Yamaha outboard motors up to 10 hours, but it may vary for different models, so we recommend you to refer to “exploitation” of your user manual. For engines, except outboard engines Yamaha’s HPDI system, use the premix fuel and engine oil, in addition to oil in the oil tank refilled when they were run a two-stroke engine.

What is the running-in period for my new four-stroke Yamaha outboard motor?

For new motors required running-in period, during which the moving parts in contact surfaces burnished to each other. Correct break-in mode for each model outboard specified in the User’s Guide. Four Yamaha outboard motors should be run within 10 hours, and this time can be divided into several periods:
The first hour of operation of the motor: the motor to run in about half of the gas at 2000 rev / min.
The second hour of operation: run in the engine for about 3/4 of gas, at 3000 rev / min. Increase gas, bringing the boat to plane, but at the same time avoid the submission of the complete gas and return gas to the smaller while keeping the boat at planing speed. During operation, vary the speed from time to time.
The following 8 hours: Avoid feeding full throttle for more than 5 minutes at a time.
break-in period of your four-stroke Yamaha outboard motor may vary for different models, so we recommend you to refer to “exploitation” of your user manual.

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