“Kapitan club” journal 5/2010 “Grizzly. Quality is a priority”

– They say that the company has received the name because of your name. It’s just a joke or really have any connection?
– When we chose the name for the company, then guided by the fact that we create products for fishermen – the brave, courageous people. It is known that grizzly bears – excellent fishermen, strong animals, the forest owners. These associations and prompted us to name.

– Why did you decide to make the boat is made of light alloy?
– Our boats welded aluminum hull, making them lighter and stronger than many similar boats. “Grizzly” Boats can safely approach the shore neobarudovannomu; they are also distinguished by simplicity in service, reliability and durability. But the superstructure and deck in our models of fiberglass. This material allows us to give the boat a modern look that is true to the form of logging for closed models, and to finish the cockpit.

– What do you consider important in your business, how to prioritize?
– Our main priority – quality products, which we pay special attention. The concept of “quality” includes safety, ergonomics and comfort. Today, the high rate can not be achieved without modern technologies. We – the first in Russia katernoe production, which have mastered the technology of metal cutting plasma cutting on CNC machines. Add vacuum forming fiberglass, double-sided welding in argon on the equipment of the German company “EWM” … constantly improving their technologies, we achieve favorable price-quality ratio. But it’s not just hardware: in our production are highly qualified specialists, which provide the required quality.

– For any boats one of the main indicators are seaworthy. In the Internet enough positive feedback about the boats “Grizzly” …
– We test our vessels under different weather conditions, even at the height of the waves exceeding permissible for the operation of a particular vessel. Is carried out not only score running and seaworthiness, but also to check flooding, we obepechivaem by filling the space between the outer and inner housings with polyurethane foam under high pressure.
As a kind of test can also be considered part of boats “Grizzly” in the competition. So, in the regatta “From the Baltic to the White Sea”, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, our boat, “the Grizzly 580” won the group on Nevsky stage before castle nut and, despite the difficult weather conditions harsh Ladoga, strong wind and wave , and finished in the second stage.

– At the same time you do not do secret of the fact that as a prototype for boats “Grizzly” boats are the foreign-made …
– Yes, we do not hide that use the experience of our colleagues from Finland, Sweden and Norway. In Russia, bad things with the preparation of specialists for small shipbuilding, hence the shortage of professional engineers and designers. Therefore, we are on the path of least resistance. After numerous tests of the most interesting models of foreign manufacturers, we select the best, we take them as a basis, develop and produce our “Grizzly”.

– Are there any complaints from customers regarding your products?
– There are some, but not in relation to road performance of our boats. The few complaints from our customers, who generally came to be associated with cosmetic defects and component suppliers. These remarks we consider and respond to them quickly, taking measures to address the problem, and even changing the unfair suppliers. Thus, over the years, we have reduced these unpleasant moments to almost zero.

“MOE services fully satisfied strength and running performance katerv the Grizzly. We plan to work closely with the company Aquamarine producing these boats in the future.”

Head of prevention and liquidation of emergency situations at sea and water basins SZRTS EMERCOM of Russia captain of the 2nd rank O.Yu.Zanosov
– How do you see your buyer boats – for prosperity and preferences?
– Not to say that our boats are addressed only to the middle class and people with high incomes. In our model range people with completely different levels of income may find a suitable boat for themselves. We do not focus on any particular group of people, but we try to make an offer, respectively, capacities and needs of different customers. regarding operational preferences say that our boats meet all serious amateur fishing, and the design and comfort do not leave indifferent and just drive fans. It says a lot about the fact that the benefit of our products make a choice structures such as the Ministry of Emergency Situations, GIMS, fishery inspection and other departments.

– The economic crisis has hit the mngim companies, especially if they have their own production. How did you survive the crisis?
– Despite the fact that our company was still quite young, the financial turmoil has not undermined our well-being at the start of the crisis. Even in 2009. In the midst of the crisis on the boat “Grizzly” there was a queue, as demand exceeds production capabilities. So out of the crisis we went with ukrepivyshimisya positions.

– And the last question: how do you see your company in general katerny business in Russia will develop?
– Every year the demand for boats is growing. This is due to increasing interest of Russians to active recreation on the water and the growth of their blagosostayaniya. Judging by the increase in the volume of production and sales, this business has good prospects. We go with the times and are making great efforts for the development of our company. I predict the further development of technology, increase production boats, new models: “Grizzly 580 HT” appears at the end of this year.

The original text of the article: Catherine Dorogova

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