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Modern fisherman uses actively the achievements of scientific and technical progress. There are not these times now when the depth was measured with a load of rope and fishing point memorized of coastal features …

This also applies to fishing boats – if earlier it was still possible to swim at the oars along cane on some reservoir near Moscow, now you have to go for fishing “to a distant cordon”! This primarily relates to large reservoirs of water such as the Ladoga and Onega lakes, reservoirs of the Volga cascade, etc. For successful: (! and safe) fishing we need a reliable boat with a powerful engine.

This is firstly due to the fact that the search for fish is a matter of frequent movements over long distances. Secondly, the same Ladoga is “famous” of changeable weather, and even innocuous at first glance breeze can turn into a storm after half an hour…

Here on the banks of the Neva River which originates from Lake Ladoga…

** Production of Russian boats Grizzly] [1]. ** is located.

Grizzly Company is about 4 years old and during that time five hundred (!) boats descended from the conveyor. I must say that in St. Petersburg water transport is developed not worse than ground. And probably every citizen from birth is able to control the motorboat. There is almost no traffic jams in the city as it is much faster and more pleasant to ride to the other side of the big city on a boat!

Andrei Geschelev, the Technical Director of Grizzly is from Saint Petersburg and he is a fisherman. This means that in the design of boats it is of paramount importance not only the reliability of boats but also their adaptation specifically for fishermen. And this is a very important criterion!

A certain advantage of Grizzly boats is that they are not made of plastic but of aluminum-magnesium alloy AlMG-5 M. Therefore even [popular model Grizzly 580 R] [2] with a thickness of 4 mm and bottom sides (forming for additional rigidity of construction) of 3 mm has equal weight in comparison with its plastic counterpart.

However there is no need to compare the strength and durability of these two materials (metal and plastic). According to Andrei the aluminum boat can withstand bumps at high speed on the water boulders, which are a lot on Ladoga, while there are cases of  plastic hull punching with dire consequences …

The hull design of [ Grizzly boats] [3] allows to glide easily through the water even on the fully loaded boat. The bottom is shaped like a gull wing and this design adds stability on the water, flexibility and dampens vibrations from the small waves. Top of the boat (deck) is made of polished plastic, produced by the Finnish Gelocoat technology.

All boats have a lot of drawers, glove compartments, etc., and this can not be overstated: there is a place where to put  fish, backpacks, provisions without fear that things get wet.

And I should underline separately the individual approach to each client.

[In the company you can order the boat absolutely any configuration and color] [4]!

But the last one is for  amateur and to [put on a boat modern navigation equipment is absolutely necessary] [5].

For those models of boats, that are supplied with cabin, heating system Webasto working autonomously is an excellent option.

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