“Katera i Yachty” journal – Grizzly 580 and Grizzly 580-R: uniform number

Ladies clue why the “form of clothing” can be considered even an almost complete lack of it. However, for those who remember the orders of the army, there is nothing strange. And not too important, what you will put the fighter at a critical time – in some cowards or “paradku” with the knots. If the physical form of the mark, and “Kalash” hands – the enemy will still not be good.
About the same principle often professed in the walking and shipbuilding. If there is a proven, well-established body, armed with his best performance for the motor is half done – range can be expanded only by the modifications that have the same digital code showing the length, but dressed in a completely different “odezhku.” If we talk about a firm, not fearful approach to the unknown shore, but not too aesthetic aluminum alloy housing, the greatest degree of freedom of the designer and the designer in this case gives the fiberglass, which allows both “disguise” the harsh nature of the metal, and to bring to life almost any layout ideas, without thinking about the technological limitations. So do many firms producing composite aluminum-plastic boats, and the St. Petersburg company “Trio Marine” is no exception. Until recently, its flagship «Grizzly 580″ existed only in open version with a central console, but at the end of last season, it added to the layout deykreyser «cuddy cabin». The difference between the modifications is not alone in the presence or absence of the cabin – the developers have realized in the construction of «580R» a very interesting and useful idea, which, in our opinion, it would be necessary to move on and open a prototype.

** Fisherman professional **

This model, as well as its modification to cabin index “the R”, visited the editorial “measured mile” for the first time, but domestic vodnomotornikam, especially in the Northwest, is already quite familiar. We immediately she recalled the very first boat “Silver Shark”, a tested test-group “cue” – not so much because of the application of the scheme “aluminum-plastic bottom up”, but because of the layout is not often applied to the “double” of the central console. Such open boat with spacious cockpit is very popular among advanced anglers, and “ideally” they come together. In principle, and a variant with two on-board consoles (which, I must say, the spring is planned to also run in a series), and a center console and a couple of chairs behind it provide about the same protection of the crew from wind and spray, but there there are subtleties . To the driver with a passenger does not abut against each other with their elbows, the center console has to make a rather broad, and the body width just over 2 m aisles on either side of her are purely symbolic. Therefore, in boats of similar size two-seater console usually shift to the right side almost all the way. Creators [model «Grizzly 580″ boats] [1] chose to place it strictly on the DP. We agree that this aesthetic (the human eye is more welcomed symmetry, rather than retreat from it even for practical purposes), but still face some inconveniences when passing in the bow cockpit is possible not only when there is a “beer belly” – as a “stopper” are able to perform a warm jacket and put on her full-size life jacket. However, there is a wide center console and its advantages are very significant in terms of the category of consumers, which addressed boat rare angler, much less trollingist, will now water without a good sonar -.. are generally combined in a single device with card plotter and GPS receiver understanding people prefer devices with a large display, which can simultaneously display information on relief . the bottom and your location (plus often it is also a “council” for the autopilot) «Grizzly 580″ – this is the rare case when a test of the “cue” was not found absolutely no complaints about the installation of “navigation”: in the console ” 580go “organically,” as a mother “, fit a network” the Garmin 3010S “with a screen diagonal of 25 cm. The panel provided on the test boat were embedded not only VHF (very useful not only one fishing), and tape recorder in the” sea ‘performance to please the ear. There was a place for the main motor devices – tachometer, indicator and trimmer benzomera. This farm is located in the best places and gives the impression of the factory settings – except that the fuel gauge with a black dial is somewhat out of style. Cockpit, conventionally divided into bow and stern areas, not only the console, but also shoulder bottom ceiling (in the nose it is slightly higher), very spacious, especially since there is no stern seat – instead the corners are formed semicircular “stools”, covered with soft cushions. Locker seems to be a lot (a pair of shallow bays hidden even under the nose of the cockpit bottom ceiling), but they are quite too small. A stuffed backpack, which we use in the tests as a “dimensional baggage” not climbed up, even in the most voluminous bow rack. Some little things can, in principle, to remove and directly to the console, but there is a risk that any damage to the web of wires from devices, so provided in the hatch it – more inspection. However, anglers generally prefer to keep their possessions in plastic boxes that can easily accommodate right in the cockpit. Cockpit – on-Sea, self-draining, and are very pleased that a couple of scuppers relatively large cross-section can be closed with plugs to prevent the reverse flow of sea water with significant parking load (the same scheme used and on «Grizzly 580R»).

** In the name space **

When viewed from the side did not immediately guess that «Grizzly 580» and «Grizzly 580R» – siblings. Novelty is a typical «cuddy cabin» with a cabin-shelter under the bow deck. In general, a low silhouette deck section – the “classic” vessels for this arrangement, and the only thing that hurts the eyes a few – it is too intricate configuration of the cabin side windows, which, in our opinion, with the other lines of the boat a little harmony. In addition, on closer examination revealed some architectural excesses directly on the bow deck – molded on her shoulder for some reason, supplemented spiky “ribs”, but this is a matter of taste. The height of the ceiling in the cabin because of the low silhouette of the boat – not from the league (1.2 m), but the length of the V-shaped sofa, which is converted through a mortgage Balloon couch maximum width of 1.55 m, is quite sufficient – 1.95 m windshield in a frame of steel. pipes – without major undertakings, the central section is not opened, but the passage of the nose to the cockpit, however, no difficulties: the sliding door closed cabin, we found it convenient to steps and a broad area. True, the “sawtooth” the gap between the door and the control station, which is a separate piece, is clearly excessive and much too conspicuous. (As we were told, the glass in a metal frame on this boat was found on request – serial boats equipped with “Lobovyk” in plastic edging with folding center section). As well as the open version, the remote control is just as well suited to install large navigation electronics – its vast flat surface on the steering wheel is stationary, the method «in dash», was fortified card plotter «Lawrance» with as large as in the previous boat display (although motor devices at the same time were not on the ground provided by the designer, as measured by left blank “cylindrical” moldings on the top panel). But the most interesting thing on this boat lies in its rear part, the time itself is not particularly saying. Even after the spacious “580go,” we thought that we were on board a bigger crockery. But no “optical illusion” was not there. Have you ever wondered why the sub-recess usually do quite large? Right – to leave room for the “head” of the motor when it is otkidke. But it is often necessary to tilt it completely? Recess on «Grizzly 580R» – a purely symbolic, and the engine hood is almost close to the rear seat backrest – the gap left only for otkidki with trim (hence the surprise us space in the cockpit). But outboards, you can still pick up all the way – just need to pre-fold into the section of the aft bulkhead to free up space. A brilliant solution!

In one case ** **

The contours of modern pleasure boats are difficult to find signs of any revolutionary innovations. As a rule, it is only those or other variations on the theme have invented, but most designers still prefer to keep quiet about what was taken as a basis. “580 th” The developers, on the contrary, themselves immediately recognized that the housing is designed largely with an eye on the boat «Uttern». With the production of this Swedish company we are quite familiar, but I think he would be here, and they did not recognize the progenitor of familiar features. Too much of any differences – from the lack of surfaces of double curvature dictated unfolding on a plane metal and ending position of the longitudinal redanov oriented more at the waterline, and not on the buttocks, as «Uttern». But fact is fact – koekakimi patterns of behavior on the water tested boat really resembled Swedish counterpart. First of all we are talking about a certain tendency to porpoise – and, unlike most of the tested boat, manifests this effect is not in full swing with too “battened down” the motor, and the average speed range (though in this case, the pitching is easy to remove with the help of adjust the trimmer). Due appears when the speed drops a little, “nodding his nose” in steep turns both boats turned not smooth and discrete – like the second hand of the clock, while the rest, even the most extreme maneuvers performed quite comfortably and safely. I must say that the open and to cabin version on the go is not much different from each other – except for a small difference in speed due to power outboard engines (115 hp to the “580th” and 140 liters with «580R…. “), as well as some deeper rolls in the corners inherent” kayutniku “because of the greater weight of the deck section. Output mode is not accompanied by excessive trim, and a minimum planing speed is only about 25-26 km / h – a very good indicator for the housing keelback. When driving in a straight line at full speed and both boats easily expose “heel” to squeeze extra speed reserves (it must be said that the “580 th” body readily responds to trim and screws retained focus even at the minimum circulation). However, even more massive «R» confident saves to “on an even keel”, not only in calm water but also when jumping from a steep half-meter waves on the order of 70 km / h speed without trying zaryskivat and “stick” cheekbone. Due to the almost calm weather wave at first it had to raise himself, but under test curtain on misty Neva has appeared 15-meter motor yacht, going in the transition mode. We quickly jumped into the open “580 minutes” and heartily diarrhea for divorced her five-foot shafts. (Skipper cumbersome vessel, after watching our Exercise, soon broke down and just in case, put the gas down to the smallest). Jumping with a full flight and splashdown in the air were not accompanied by furious blows, but the boat remained permanently under control. In the mode of navigation «Grizzly» also showed himself a stiff upper lip – the approach to the mountain water nose regularly pop up in the open cockpit did not please a drop.


Mighty aluminum-plastic boats popular size class. The robust housing (plating thickness on the bottom – 4 mm) are not afraid of a stranger approaches the rocky shore and a plastic “top” ensures the aesthetics and comfort – though without any “bells and whistles”. And open, and to cabin version are spacious on board, as applied to «580R» original decision aft, I think, will find a lot of followers.

The original text of the article: Lisochkin Artem

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