“Katera i Yachty” journal – Grizzly 470: a popular firstborn “KiY” #3 (219) 2009

Boat Grizzly 470 DC was created at the company. Innovative equipment, high-quality materials and experienced professionals – crucial to success in the production of boats, the company said Grizzly.

Publication of this article has already been a historical identity, because it describes the very first model of this boat in 1994.

This year, the St. Petersburg company “Aquamarine”, more known for her “the Grizzly” brand, will celebrate the fifth anniversary of its founding. The event is all the more significant because of another anniversary – in March, the gates of the shipyard came out 500th instance of the serial “470” model, which opened at the time of the production program.

Domestic vodnomotorniki appreciated even the earliest examples of this boat with an aluminum hull and plastic “deck”, presented to the public at the famous Moscow MIBS exhibition in 2004, even though many were not satisfied too with the original design of the case is almost vertical stem. Soon after the case has been thoroughly redesigned (as the basis for the development of lines of the designers of the company have proven «Buster L»), and since then “470-I” firmly won liking our vodnomotornikov, remaining the most popular and sold the boat lineup boats «Grizzly» – about as evidenced by the progress to date impressive “circulation”.

One of the main purposes of the boat in Russia – this is fishing, and it is here that lies the explanation for the high popularity of the boat.

almost all his spare time to create it are people dedicated to this hobby and are familiar with the requirements that apply to the vessel advanced anglers. “Universal” dinghy understanding people are no longer satisfied, in fact – even have to take into account the specifics of a particular type of fishing. For this reason, “470-I” have long been produced with two different layout. Version with rear console and the driver’s seat on the stern “couch”, a spacious fore cockpit, above all meets the needs of supporters to cast lures fishing; those who prefer trolling, usually opt for modification of consoles installed in the midship (driver and passenger are placed on separate swivel chairs).

By the way, the mentioned modifications differ not only one plan – to compensate for feed alignment caused by the weight of the riders in the back seat of the boat body with displaced aft transom consoles supplemented crinolines facilitating planing and reduces aft trim of the motion in the transitional regime. Not forgotten, and the need to shelter from the rain and spray rather voluminous luggage, which usually go on a fishing boat in the open – in the standard bulky dry lockers are located in the stern and bow seats, as well as within consoles; bow seat can be converted into a U-shaped due to additional trunks installed inside the cockpit on the sides (by the way, they are very convenient storage of the disassembled rod).

It must be said that the installation of all kinds of optional equipment, including specialized fishing, initially incorporated into the design of both modifications of “470 minutes”. In particular, the area on the sides of the sub-recess adapted in advance to set the downrigger, including the most heavy and bulky – there are provided reinforcement and embedded parts, which are an integral part of the deck section, even in the simplest configuration. Arc-Targa, which are mounted glasses for trolling rods, mounted on a standard rail, mounting space is on the gunwale specially reinforced and designed for additional load created by Targa. With all of this boat is more related to the category of “low cost”. With its dimentions “470-I” along with the trailer fits in a standard garage, that for many completely eliminates the problem of not only winter storage, but also a summer park. The trailer can be used most simple and cheap, but with the towing role easily handles almost any passenger car (open category “E” in the driver’s license at the same time, of course, is not required). Contours 15-degree deadrise provide a reasonable compromise between seaworthiness, allowing the boat to operate on large bodies of water, and efficiency, while providing data dimentions steady progress under the engine capacity of 40-60 liters. from. The body is good “holds wave” not only at full speed – full nasal contours with high buoyancy, eliminate flooding the cockpit while driving and at the low speed and at anchor, which is especially important for the same fishing. It should be noted that, according to “Aquamarine” lion’s share “470-x” is operated in the waters known for their unpredictable nature – such as Ladoga and Onega; a lot of boats on the Volga, too, is not always tranquil water. And as a further evidence that [ “the Grizzly 470” boat design] [1] actually is successful and meets fishing aspirations, can lead another significant fact: this boat chose not only the “private owners”, but . specialized fishing base, providing equipment rental Exclusively “470-E” staffed by several such bases located on the Volga and in Karelia – in particular, on a large reservoir in Segozerskaya Medvezhegorsk area.

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