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The test group of “cue” is often reproached for a small number of comparative tests. In his defense, we can say that there are objective reasons. And the main of them is that the participants of this test – a kind of competition – should be put in more or less the same conditions, and it can be difficult. It is a whole complex of various factors that could affect the outcome – from wind speed and wave height, and ending with the power plants and the load. And to compare, of course, should first of all boats belonging to at least approximately the same class.

Almost completely fulfill this requirement we have managed to navigate the curtain of last year when we brought on the same area in the same time «Grizzly 580 the DC» and «Gladius Sea Wind 520″. Particularly corrosive readers may say that these boats differ in their dimensions, why compare them is not entirely correct. But look at this problem from another angle. It is no secret that when choosing a motor boats, many consumers “dance” of this its important and expensive parts, such as sub-spring engine, focusing both on his own price, and the level of operating costs – primarily on fuel consumption. So, we assume that we chose the engine 115 hp (In addition, we know that it must be a four-stroke, “the Yamaha”), and under it we need aluminum-plastic dvuhkonsolnik – relatively inexpensive, but not completely “budget”. This condition is met both members of our “duel” – moreover, in addition, the best for them turned out to be one and the same propeller diameter 13 and pitch 19 inches (in spite of some differences in the measured and weight, then we were lucky – the tachometer is not fooled). It remained only to roll them into the water in the same day, and use an identical load during the test, which was at all an easy task. I must say that both the test participants were we pretty familiar: «Grizzly 580″ we have experienced In the single and to cabin versions (see number 217.) And «Gladius Sea Wind 520″ (see number 208.) – Virtually the same the form in which it was provided for comparative tests.

** 2-console or bourayder? **
While both boats were still standing one after another in a narrow channel Utki- tion creek leading to the Neva River, we are armed with the technical data table, and a private eye estimation, compared the participants in statics. Yes, for the same width of 2.15 m, “the Grizzly 580 the DC” somewhat longer than their “enemy” on cor- pusu – 5.55 against 5.2 m (digital code in the title here reflects an overall length that allowed the modern right fork). In weight, this difference is not particularly affected dramatically – «Gladius» easier to just 50 kg. This and more habitable space, mainly due to the nose of the cockpit (measurements showed that gaba- Rita main cockpits both boats are the same). On “the Grizzly” inside it “sewn up” soft cushions around the perimeter and looks visibly richer – as, indeed, the whole boat as a whole. It is fair to say that the “580 th” got us in the very chic “top-end” version, with a wide range of optional equipment, so on the plastic trim “on tick” and the same round table, set in the forward cockpit, we had abstract. But still soft pillows, as well as places to install them on «Grizzly» more. There were some difficulties in allocating and boats to a particular class. If “the Gladius” – this is a typical “the DC” with spaced along the sides of separate consoles, that “the Grizzly” we would have probably attributed to the category “bourayder”. The point here is not only the abundance of soft seats in the forward cockpit, but also that he is separated from the aft bulkhead and remove the relative Kidney “window leaf” windscreen framed original import “frame.” Option is more versatile, equally suitable for “mannered” walks, and for the same fishing – in particular, with the covers soft cushions and an open passage between the consoles boat transformed into a purely utilitarian “the DC”. Wet rovye glass «Sea Wind» are a pair of tinted visors unpretentious polycarbonate framed tubular handrail, trim (by the way, on the boat, which we had three years ago, there was no border at all). According to the number and volume of lockers and boot larger «Grizzly» also ahead – according to the measurements, the total volume of its luggage compartment is 1350 liters against 850 liters in «Gladius», where as the trunk, in particular, involved themselves bulky console. Out of it, and a special compartment for long-length, which is on the “580th” located under mezhkonsolnym passage and bottom ceiling of the cockpit nose – you can store water ski, wakeboard or folded rod. What is a definite plus, “the Grizzly” compared to the “520 th”, so it is in self-draining cockpit, is not only useful in stormy weather, and the parking lot in the rain (it is possible to do without the parking awning). Bottom ceiling in this case is low enough, not really reducing the amount of the cockpit, and in order to prevent the reverse flow of sea water into the cockpit with a full load in the parking lot, a couple tidal scuppers fitted with locking ball valves. On “the Gladius” self-draining cockpit is not, and all have fallen into the water is removed in the double bottom is “under the pump”. The taste and color of comrades there, but the design point of view, “the Grizzly” with its slim silhouette and a strict black board, effectively contrasting with the white “up” has attracted us some more – even if you ignore the optional “luxury”. Despite the pretentious eg adhesive on the entire board, blunt “the Gladius” does not look at an example of brutal and utilitarian, suggesting the association rather than with the swordfish ( «gladius» – Latin for “sword”), and the fish-hammer.

** One ** distance
Run the condition of unity of time and place was the easiest – if desired in the waters of the Big Neva could make a “match race”, what are the chances we naturally benefited. The housing is completely self-developed “the Gladius” distinguishes the characteristic S-shaped line of cheekbones and “Twisted” bottom, and the basis of lines of “580 th”, according to company representatives went to the Swedish boat «Uttern», closer to monogedronu (of course, the concept of It was adapted to the requirements of the aluminum shipbuilding, which can be repeated, not all that is embodied in the plastic). In addition, the body «Grizzly» differs slightly greater deadrise – 19 ° on the transom against 17 ° from «Sea Wind». Despite the significant differences in the contours, boat, as it turned out, differ very similar behavior on the water – until some specific features. These features we have carried tendency to porpoise motor when tilted, and not at full speed, and medium speed and load. When turning on the average and maximum speeds of the two boats lie in the “co-ordinated” bank, in which the rider is not the centrifugal force pulls the seat. It does not create a frightening roll and promotion from the place at full throttle. In general, if the differences were, then those that are not easily seen by the naked eye. It concerns, and high-speed performance – measurements using GPS revealed a curious effect: if the small and medium-speed engine in front turned out to be “the Gladius’, the full” trigger “the highest speed shown« Grizzly », let the difference and was a paltry 0.5 km / h. Suspecting the device fails or some other error in the measurements, we conducted several parallel races with a start from the place, which confirmed that the device has not lied – at full throttle «Grizzly» slowly but surely broke away from the rivalry of his nickname. Especially theorize on the subject will not, but it is certainly venture to suggest that the ancient principle of “run length” is true not only with respect to the displacing vessels (recall that the difference in weight between the two boats was not significant). In addition, it is worth recalling that the power of 115 hp It is for “520-th” limit, and during sea trials subtle hints of it, we still feel Therefore – in particular light on some conditions, especially in the wake, showed signs of longitudinal-transverse swinging. Much difference when it was not possible to identify the passage of a wave at different angles to us, both boats overcome it sufficiently soft, despite the difference in deadrise – can say what if deadrise at the transom «Gladius» has a sharper nose contours. At almost the same behavior on the water is one difference we identified at the hearing – it seemed to us that in the wake of the body «Grizzly» behaves a little quieter. That, however, is not surprising – we later found out that as an emergency buoyancy is used here “blowing-in” polyurethane foam sound insulation at the same time bearing function, rather than the usual foam blocks, as “520 meters”.

Although in general the cup of our sympathies lean toward a more elegant, “the Grizzly”, definitely call the winner held “tung ales” we have abstained. Yes, «Grizzly» somewhat richer, even in the standard version, it has more lockers and self-draining cockpit, but the behavior of the water it is not much different from «Gladius Sea Wind 520″. At the same time we should not forget that it is larger and, more importantly, expensive. And hardly anyone will dispute that the arguments are in many cases the financial and economic order can outweigh all the other arguments.

The original text of the article: Lisochkin Artem

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