Mercury on Don river – (Mercury ME90 ELPTO; Mercury ME 115 Optimax; Mercury ME F115 ELPT)

Cruise on high-speed small-sized crafts was planned by director of Sport-technique club “Patriot” in  Rostov, dealer AquaDrive Sergey Kuznetsov. 5-days cruise on 5 small-sized crafts with Mercury ME90  ELPTO, Mercury ME 115 Optimax and three Mercury ME F115 ELPT brought a lot of adventures and unforgettable impressions.
Passage through the water more than 800 km in 3 days had several purposes.

The first campaign was dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War and the 100th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Sholokhov.

Secondly, the team STK “Patriot”, passing along the upper and middle Don, showed modern technology possible in the first place, the Mercury engines.

Third, the team therefore prepared to participate in the competition “24 hour race”, which will be held in St. Petersburg on the Neva River in July 2005.

Fourth, the campaign wore reconnaissance character: STK “Patriot” has offered a new tourist route that first decided to test on itself.

Route Vyoshenskaya – Kalach-on-Don – Volgodonsk – Semikarakorsk – Rostov-on-Don passes through the upper reaches of the Don, Tsimlyansk reservoir, system of locks and is about 850 km.

Don coast, Cossack villages – Sholokhov places. Participants river campaign were involved in theatrical shows on the Don River in the village Vyoshenskaya. It was in this village, which has become the center of celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of the writer, is a museum-reserve MA Sholokhov. Director of the museum is the grandson of writer Alexander Sholokhov. For members of the STC “Patriot” teams like AquaDrive dealers, became the most important exhibit of the 20-strong engine Mercury 30’s of the last century. This engine was presented to Mikhail Sholokhov, who, as it turned out recently, was a supporter of this particular brand and had in his garage is another 20 hp Mercury later release. “Patriot” team mechanic intended to find out, in fact, whether in working condition are these engines, but since these are Mercury museum exhibits, the administration is only allowed to be photographed.

Glittering motors Mercury – the pride of the crews involved in the journey. At a press conference in the city of Volgodonsk captain Sergei Kuznetsov told about the benefits of Mercury, reliability and efficiency. The entire route was passed without any problems with engines. The motion was carried with an average speed of 50 km / h and 4,000 rev / min. This regime has proved optimal for fuel economy and oil consumption. It should be noted that gasoline refueling during the following was not an easy task, since there are no specialized Don refills on water. At 100 km from Rostov-on-Don on the water movement intensified and travelers began to come across the counter small boats, equipped, all as one, motors Mercury. Some captains happily welcomed launches STK “Patroit” racing under the flags of Mercury, some stopped to talk or get advice dealers (in the team were technicians Mercury service center in Rostov-on-Don).

Team STK “Patriot”, consisting of young and enthusiastic people, most of whom are graduates or students of Rostov River College, in the long campaign held a kind of training before important competitions in St. Petersburg. To participate in the 24-hour race club was specifically purchased a boat and Mercury Racing engines FourStroke and Optimax.

SmartSraft system and flawless Mercury engines make navigation easy and exciting experience even for beginners who find themselves at the helm. Correspondents TNT Volgodonsk and Volgodonsk-ATV, patriots met on the beach, much interested in the fact that there are women in the team, and persuaded the captain of a ride operator 2 and 2 correspondents in the boat running 19-year old Katherine (pictured left). Media representatives have received a lot of positive emotions in the process of passing the 12-timetrovogo gateway Volgodonsk HPP, thanked the team STK “Patroit” tired and went to the TV studio – make up stories.

Unfortunately, the development of a new tourist route has been postponed for a number of reasons identified in the campaign. Tourist centers of the upper and middle Don is desolate and not prepared to accept large numbers of tourists. Team STK “Patriot” noted that in the path of Vyoshenskaya to Rostov-na-Donu they met a lot of good people who helped to find accommodation, food and pour gasoline. But there was a time when the whole day either on the beach or on the water did not meet a single person – no one even ask the direction of motion.

The second important reason that prevents the organization of tourist route – gateways. Passage of the locks – a serious matter, administratively controlled. For the team STK “Patriot” locking became a place of reflection and enjoying the beauty of the Don, as in anticipation of the movement of the team had to spend an hour in the airlock chamber, two or more (in the photo on the right – Volgodonsk HPP).

The third reason – technical – the complexity of the refueling of small boats with gasoline.

However, there are strong arguments in favor of the development of tourist business in the land of Don: Don extraordinary beauty, curly green shore, invigorating spice-scented air and extremely friendly and hospitable locals. Each village met the “heroes” with songs, dances, traditional bread and salt, and a kind smile. Historical Cossack costumes, folk songs, national pride and a loaf of Rostov – wines from the village Vederniki – all this becomes the property of travelers.

Rostov-on-Don met boats STK “Patriot” storm. Lightning, rain and hail and wind driven under the roof of the pier journalists, operators, representatives of the city administration and the Rostov regional branch of the Party “United Russia” to support the STC “Patriot” in the campaign organization. Boats, safely through the waves and saluting flags, did a few laps of honor in front of TV cameras and moored near the monument to MA Sholokhov. It also held a press conference at which Sergey Kuznetsov told about the results of the campaign, emphasizing the role of the driving force of Mercury.


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