More about new Honda BF90

Finally, nine years after the last modification, updated BF90 of not high cost appeared in the showrooms of official dealers.

Honda started with the new 4-cylinder unit capacity of 1496 cc single overhead camshaft. Displacement of about less than 100 cc previous BF90. Dry weight decreased by 6.4 kg to 169.2 kg to 162.8 kg for the 20-inch model. Among the six competitors in the class of 90-horsepower motors only two-stroke three-cylinder Evinrude E-TEC 90 weighs less – 145.2 kg.

This outboard has all the necessary electronics that Honda installs all the latest “outboards”, including electronic fuel injection (old BF90 was the last outboard in this class, which is still used a carburetor), e-VTEC valve timing adjustment system and a system of lean -burn, improving fuel economy. The engine is equipped with a patented system of ignition timing referred to as BLAST (Increased torque low speed), which should improve initial acceleration.

BLAST uses a rich fuel mixture, which is formed when you squeeze the throttle to accelerate the movement. In sharp throttle opening, fuel injection system responds immediately more emissions of the fuel mixture. However, it takes several microseconds to air admitted to the engine. The result – an instant rich mixture. BLAST compensates process equipment via ignition control detonation in the range that is determined by the impact sensor mounted on the engine. The result, according to the Honda, is significantly increased power and acceleration in the first 40 – 50 meters of the starting jerk. You will feel it as particularly significant feedback on the throttle opening.

This engine is also equipped with an oxygen sensor in the exhaust gas, a key component in the lean-burn control system which accurately adjusts the fuel injection rate that the engine can operate stably at a very lean mixture, 18: 1 (air: fuel), when possible, mainly at constant speeds between 2000 and 4500 rpm. Honda claims that this results in a nearly 30% fuel savings on medium speed. VTEC motor gives it two different profile of the intake valves, short for smooth motion at low speeds, and long for more power, computer controlled at speeds above 5300 rpm. The Honda said that VTEC adds an additional 12 – 15 additional horsepower at full throttle – this 90-strong model at 6000 rpm actually becomes a 97-strong, seven more horsepower than the old BF90.

Work these technologies so smoothly that the move you’re unlikely to pay attention to it. A more significant innovation – the design of the case, with a hydrodynamic contours and elongated hub that according to Honda, brings an increase in speed of about 1.5 km / h, compared with the old design. New mudguard, which is located above the hub prevents a surge of water in front of the engine, which is necessary for installing on a pontoon boat type. The new generator has a patented lightweight neodymium magnets for a flywheel and produces a total of 44 A (35 A on the battery), compared with only 14 A previous BF90.

New locks hoop casing type, which are not as attractive as internal locks, it is very easy to use and will not corrode or stick together from the sea water. New electronic instruments, such as a fuel flow sensor, a fuel filter water sensor is equipped in the fuel can be established.

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