Registration of boats and motorboats

Today, the registration shall be subject to virtually all navigable means carrying capacity of over 225 kg. These are modular and can be a raft and sailing yacht and catamaran.

In the case of motorized vessels carrying capacity is not taken into account – it is necessary to put the engine in the most simple inflatable boat, as under current law, it immediately comes under the discretionary powers of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels. Join a boat or motor boat is now an inevitable process and requires a permit within ten days from the date of purchase, taking a gift or inheritance of fact.

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Supervision of small vessels by the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels (abbreviated GIMS), part of the Ministry of Emergencies. Registration and inspection of snowmobiles, trucks, tractors and other self-propelled machines shall be exercised by the State Technical Supervision (abbreviated Gostekhnadzor).
Registration and inspection of technical equipment is usually done in the territorial department of the service corresponding to the place of residence of the owner:
GIMS State Inspectorate for Small Vessels – address:
GIMS St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg) 191002, St. Petersburg, nab. R. Fontanka 50 The (812) 312-80-15
Center GIMS EMERCOM of Russia in St. Petersburg – St. Petersburg daily work on the Centre GIMS EMERCOM of Russia and Contact Information
Addresses of branches of the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels in the Russian cities
and inspection Gostekhnadzor is in all Russian regions.

State Inspectorate for Small Boats
EMERCOM of Russia in St. Petersburg
Rules: registration and registration of vessels in Saint Petersburg GIMS

Upon successful registration of your small boat is recommended that you visit a driving school of small vessels, if you still do not have permission to driving boats or motor boats.

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