Review of Suzuki DF15

It is the lightest among similar models from other producers and at the same time, one of the most dynamic. In 2005 a new model was released in which in addition to improving of the control panel a great attention was paid to ergonomics and ease of handling.
The popularity of four-stroke engines has grown rapidly over the past few years. Good traction, economical, environmentally friendly – these are the advantages of four-stroke engines thanks to which they quickly replaced the two-stroke counterparts from Western markets.
Suzuki Motor Co, which is one of the leading manufacturers of outboard motors, constantly improves its technology by developing new models. Compact, high volume cylinder, excellent acceleration, good torque and of course the excellent Japanese quality – is only part of the merits of the Suzuki Motors, which enabled them to be considered as one of the most modern and technologically perfect.
Powerful four-stroke outboard engine Suzuki DF15ES has a carburettor fuel system and electric start system. It has electronic ignition, ensuring startup and stable operation. engine vibration is minimized thanks to a special fixture. fuel consumption by about 50% lower than that of similar power stroke models. Speed limiter helps to avoid “peregazovki” when starting the engine, and the engine does not stall during heavy braking.
Universal outboard engines Suzuki 15 hp with high performance. Flawless for fishing and the study of lakes and lagoons, ideal for a day dedicated to diving. Suzuki produces a number of small, high-power outboard engine using technologies such as advanced as in the larger models. These dynamic motors are designed for installation on a wide range of small boats, including fishing boats, small motor and inflatable boats, sailboats and skiffs messengers. They are also specially designed to create a large torque to operate with maximum efficiency when driving a fully loaded boat.
Four-stroke outboard motors SUZUKI 15 HP

Engine’s type2 cylinder, 4-stroke OHV
Recommended height of the transom, mm381
Power, kW / hp11 / 15
Weight, kg44
Number of cylinders2
Displacement, cm3302
Max. the number of rev/min5.400 – 6.000
Bore / Stroke58 х 57
IgnitionDigital CDI
Gear ratio1,92:1
The gear selector positionforward, neutral, reverse
Type of the fuel systemcarburetor
Control systemtiller
Generator system12 В, 80 Вт
Trim Control System5 positions
Fuel tankexternal 12 liter
Requirements for fuelRecommended gasoline 92 RON
Exhaust systemover screw
Engine Mountingfixing bolts
Selection of screws9″-11″ (8 9 10 11)
Protecting screwrubber shock absorber “

Motor Options: user manual, screw, tank 12 liters, tools, fuel hose, fuel adapter cable emergency run.
The volume of oil in the gearbox 170 ml, the volume of oil in the crankcase 1000 ml, the recommended oil type 10W-30, 10W-40, the recommended spark plug DCPR6E.
You’ll be surprised to feel how much energy is contained in a line of small engines from Suzuki. These lightweight four-stroke engines develop power you need exactly when you need it, and the fuel economy will be significant, and minimal emissions.
The older of the little outboard engines have the latest equipment, such as electronic ignition, forged aluminum pushers, durable one-piece crankshaft and warning system for low oil pressure. Amazing torque and acceleration are achieved through volume to 302 cm3. Models are available with electric or manual start with the handle or remote control.
The outboard motors there is a possibility of movement through the shallow water. The volume of oil in the gearbox 170 ml, the oil sump 1000 ml recommended type oil 10W-30 10W-40 Recommended DCPR6E spark ignition. The package includes a 3-blade propeller and tools.
Four-stroke, “Fifteen” – the model is fairly popular. The engine power considered a universal for inflatable boats, as well as for a significant amount of aluminum and plastic. But if you are still concerned primarily the modernization of the electronic motor filling, it is now finalizing undergone many of its elements. For example, the ignition system that is lighter and more compact, provides a more stable operation at idle. The updated power generator issued 90% already at 2000 rev / min. Reprogramming electronics allowed motor DF 15 KS5 achieve near-perfect performance on parameters such as low fuel consumption, excellent dynamics, low noise, easy start-up and, of course, reliability.
Conducted by independent experts comparative tests have shown that the combination of these indicators improved motor Suzuki is unrivaled among its competitors, acting category 9.9 / 15. Comparing DF 15 KS5 its predecessors, it is possible to note a number of other clear its advantages. For example, a tiller now folded so that practically does not project beyond the dimensions of the motor. This, as you might guess, significantly facilitates the process of transportation and handling. In case there was a special lever to adjust the rotation of lightness – while previously had to resort to using a wrench. More on this model, the carrying handle of the motor served as a special niche under the dashboard. The updated version of the same motor special pen became noticeably more ergonomic and functional.
A very important innovation in the design of “tag” – the presence of not one, but immediately two modes (provisions) of the motor in shallow water. Now, when a heavy load motor boat when passing a stone ridge or sandy shoals can be set in the most comfortable position, in which it will operate at low speed. With all these improvements lightweight and compact motor of the popular “15th” series has become even more simple and easy to maintain.
DF-15 model achieves greater fuel economy by 40%, than a comparable two-stroke outboards. They also comply with the emission standards EURO 1, meet the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency emission of 2006 (EPA), and received the status of “3 stars” in a very low emissions from the California Department of Atmospheric Resources (CARB).

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