Review of Suzuki DF300

In this sublunary world all passes – and glory and honor, and … only memory remains. New «Suzuki DF300» will be remembered as the first 300-horsepower outboard motor in the history of four-stroke power units. Joking aside, but «DF300» today really is the only four-stroke outboard engine 300 hp The working volume of new items, the official presentation of which was held in Sweden in August this year, is neither more nor less – 4028 cm3. Such an impressive amount of work (for example, the «DF250» predecessor, as well as the entire series «Suzuki» capacity of 200-250 hp it is 3600 cm3) indicates that it is not just an improvement of previous models, but rather, a new development, taking into account developments and engineering discoveries, born during the creation of the previous series of less powerful. Four liters of working volume suggests a relatively small loading of the power train, which ultimately should help increase resource. Such a move, “the Suzuki ‘engineers have worked on the series« Big Block », and, judging by the reviews, the” big block “fully justified itself. But back to the novelty. In addition to high power and a solid working volume of the power unit at the “DF300” set of any “bells and whistles”, contributing not only to achieve the maximum power, but also fuel economy, elimination of sharp peaks of torque, as well as ease of installation on boats of various designs. First of all it must be said about the new engine management system, which is based exclusively on electronics and does not require installation of cables. The electronic system controls the supply of fuel and switching the transmission mode by supplying the signal from the control knobs on the electronic unit. And the number of engines may vary from one or two up … “as much as necessary.” The main thing is to have a place where you can place controls. Therefore, the control panel (s) a motor control (motor) is provided in different versions, in accordance with their number. Of course, the panels for two or three motors provides synchronization system of speed.


Multifunction tachometer and speedometer have a great menu, the algorithm “turning” is simple enough, and some complexity arises only in the first moments of contact with them.
Thrust (torque) motor tweaked using a proprietary “chip» «Suzuki» – VVT (Variable Valve Timing), which allows you to change the mode of operation of the intake / exhaust systems, depending on the speed of the crankshaft. “Electronic brain” pick the best times and the height of the opening / closing valves.
For better and more even air admission for the new engine designers have used a “long flow path” which provides more uniform filling of the combustion chamber, resulting in an increase in capacity and increase smoothness of motor operation.The air also goes a long way in the tricky labyrinths bonnet air intake, equipped with a separator, whose mission – to separate moisture from the incoming air.
Especially for «DF300» in the depths «Suzuki» the lower part of deadwood has been developed in which the gearbox. Having long-term tests in a special pool, this item is now regarded as the most advanced in terms of hydrodynamics and due to its size allows not only to save fuel by reducing the resistance to the oncoming flow, but also easier to install two or more motors on one boat.
A more efficient engine operation and contributes to the new spherical shape of the throttle housing, creating an air flow the most favorable conditions, especially in the low speed mode.
More high-quality fuel and WHO-stuffy mixture helps prepare special fuel cooler, which achieves optimum mixing of fuel and air portions.
Most of the processes occurring in the power unit, controlled by the ECM 32-bit, which is simultaneously responsible for the distribution of sequential electronic fuel injection system (Multi Point Sequental Electronic Fuel Injection).
A powerful generator works, of course, at 12 V and delivers a current of 54 A, uninterrupted supplies of electricity consumersand motor boats. The generator is designed so that even at 1000 rev / min of the engine crankshaft with it, you can record approximately 38 A. This current is, in principle, should be more than enough to supply all of its main consumers.
The motor is designed for installation in the first place, on speedboats for fishing, as well as on the boats used by the special services.

Information provided bythe official distributor of «SuzukiMarine» company «Stingray».

Source: cue 204 (6) 2006

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