Russian Grizzly boats – made in Russia

Advantages of local boats on imported one, but very important nuance:
boat you can always repair or tune directly to the plant of the same manufacturer.
That is to save a lot of time and money that would not have to carry your boat in the service / center distributor, which is far beyond the border of the Russian Federation and what would bring the boat to the same service or tuning necessary to go through fire and water …

Here, for example, a domestic manufacturer of aluminum boats and motor boats Company Grizzly (details Grizzly own production boats), which has successfully and is deservedly one of the leaders in its segment of the manufacture and sale of water transport in Russia.

The company does not produce Grizzly except that only boat outboards, but with complex electronics equipment like echo sounders and chart plotters – but customized installs directly on the plant all the above listed equipment for boats.

Conclusion: if you bought a boat that would regularly use it, then keep in mind that a boat or a motor boat as any any good thing with the time needed to maintain and the best way to prolong the life of his small boat – it is to send it to the manufacturer for service, after all who does not like the manufacturer knows all the nuances of your boat!

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