Test of Suzuki DF140 motor

Until recent official presentation of the new 225 model with a strong index of “DF” Suzuki DF140 remained the most powerful engine in four-stroke line of the company. In 2002 the first 140-horsepower engines appeared in Russia. The general director of “Morskoy Skat” company – official distributor of “Suzuki” in Russia –  Dmitry Volkov answers the editorial’s  questions.
What features “DF140” set it apart from other four-stroke outboards?

Let’s begin with the appearance and size. The stylish design of the hood, on which you can find this engine from a distance, not only serves the purposes of aesthetics, but also provides effective ventilation. Thanks to the original interior layout “DF140” is very compact, and its center of gravity is shifted to the transom. Weight has less than even a two-stroke models of the same capacity! This can significantly extend the range of the use of motor – prezhdevsego by light sport boats. And the power and weight, and size “DF140”, in my opinion – ideal powerplant for the most popular right now “trailer” lodok_deykreyserov 6-7 m in length, such as the famous “Silver Eagle”.

Anyway series engines “DF” – this self-development, rather than converted automobile engines (like, say, outboards Honda). The use of chains instead of the timing belt has allowed to extend service intervals, make the design more reliable and avoid, for example, such troubles as bending valves when confronted propeller underwater obstacle (not a secret that in the motor with a toothed belt having the property to stretch under impact load , like sometimes it happens). Water cooling oil sump and intake manifold ensures trouble-free operation of the motor at the highest speed, and efficient air blower (fan, among other things, is himself a rotating flywheel) maintains the optimal temperature range for electronics work. After all, “DF140” – a real intellectual. In addition to a difficult control problem a complex system of direct injection on the electronic “brains” are entrusted with and a lot of service functions. Thus, the motor itself reminds the owner about the need to change the oil!

The more complex the technology, the more difficult and the equipment service centers. Most of the skills required and mechanics. In general, for the first months! sometimes it does not appear certain motor quality, availability and quality of service and repair. Are you ready to deal with this problem?

A very important advantage of Suzuki outboard motors in general and in particular of this model is the integrated diagnostics system. Any engine of the company’s capacity by 40 hp and up can be connected via a special adapter to normal noutbukui display not only current information about his work in real time, but also answers to “historical” questions: how much time he spent on different speeds if an emergency warning system is switched on (if included , how many times and for whatever reason), how many times users to issue a reminder to change the oil. Controlled systems are the injectors for each cylinder, fuel pump, valve idling, ignition system, and more. It is important that the engine computer is “sewn up” and the serial number. This diagnostic program has already passed the first successful test in Sankt_Peterburge, and we are ready to deliver it to all its dealers engaged in the repair of motors. More than that – she is offered and retail. The owner of the motor has the right to know about his work all!

Is Great service experience “DF140” in domestic conditions?

Unfortunately, last season was characterized by a terrible shortage of engines – not only here but also in Europe and in America. Due to the bankruptcy of the company “CHI” other manufacturers rushed to occupy the vacant niche. This has particularly affected the world’s largest US market. Since the outboard motor Suzuki DF140 – the most popular model in the United States and Europe, we barely managed to get only two motors in the past year. Of course, the customer reviews the most favorable, but, you know, two motors – is not statistics.

What are the chances the Russians to buy a motor in the upcoming season?

I hope that big enough. This model has already appeared in retail in our store Petersburg “Elas”, and some of our dealers. The second question – whether the engines will be enough for everyone, because in Europe, more than 1,500 units were sold last season, while demand has remained unsatisfied.

In some regions, in your opinion, “Suzuki DF140” can use the most popular?

Our main hopes are connected where and how it can be purchased, please visit our website www.suzuki.spb.ru. With us you can always identify the nearest dealer “Suzuki”, order parts and accessories, and get technical advice.

Special correspondent of “cue” Keith Henderson had a chance to take part in the first official presentation of the “DF140” in Key Largo (USA, Florida), as well as testing new items, which was carried out in collaboration with our colleagues from the German magazine “Boote”. Here are below its experience and obtained a test driver figures.

Immediately after the usual press event, we went to the pier, near which I and my companions from “Boote” waited Swedish 6.1_metrovy “Crescent Dorado V23” to “Suzuki DF140” on the transom. Did not release any smoke, the engine immediately after the start steadily and surely earned idling. Turnover thus are low – only about 650 rev / min. Steep “DF140” so softly and gently that only the sound of water from the “control print” confirmed that it works at all!

When to get outside the harbor, I added gas, a powerful outboard motor almost immediately brought the boat on plane – pick-up at altitude. With increasing speed, of course, increased and the noise of the engine, but at cruising speed, two-thirds of the gas (at about 4000 rev / min) sound level meter has issued just over 80 dB (A) – quieter and does not want. Gears, but, according to my own feelings, at speeds above 30 km / h wind noise in the ears it is already beginning to drown out the sound of the motor, and hiss well discernible to dissect the water body.

TEST RESULTS outboard motor “Suzuki DF140” on the motor boats “Crescent Dorado V23”
(Length – 6.1 m, width – 2.35 m) with a load of 3 people. and 2/3 of the regular supply of fuel

With 20-inch steel screw on full throttle and load 3 people tachometer showed exactly 6,000 rev / min, so some stock to the recommended maximum at 6200 rev / min, we still remained. For chetyrehtaktnika such power – a motor revving pretty! Maximum speed was 66.2 km / h, and the noise level – 90 dB (A). Wind and wave with po_prezhnemu created, if not more, at least about the same amount of noise as the motor itself. Fuel consumption ranged from 2 l / h at idle up to 45 l / h “full hole”; at cruising speed (4000 rev / min), it was not more than 20 l / h. In general, if you remember more and weight – only 186 kg, I would characterize the “DF140” like this: “easy and fast as the two-stroke, but quiet, clean and economical as chetyrehtaktnik”.

The test results are published with the kind permission of the magazine “Boote” (Germany)
Source: Journal of “Boats and Yachts” №183 2003

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