Testing of Grizzly boat

Testing of Grizzly 580dc was made. An extreme situation “breach of a hull” was imitated by opening of self bailing valves, drainage holes of the hull and inspection hatch in recess. After this 9 people for imitation of full lifting capacity of the boat were placed on the boat with the motor of 220 kg and fully filled tank of 150 liters. Besides these people were not tiny photo models but really able-bodied men in their prime-age, with substantial weight. With such lading, considering the fact that approximately 2 tons of water were on the boat, the waterlevel in stern cockpit was not more than 20 centimeters, and front cockpit stayed fully dry. The result of these mocking with our flagman model was predicted and ensured us one more time that Grizzly 580 platform is unsinkable thanks to filling of board with polyurethane foam. After finishing of this test one part of the people got off at the pier and other participants with no problems came on the boat to the skimmer craft. Water was gone from the hull and the cockpit through self bailing valves and the rest of water was gone by automatic pump. You can know more about this test in the “Katera i Yachty” magazine.

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