Transportation of boats, transportation of motor boats and yachts

Grizzly company transports more than 100 units located on site. means a month. Due to the large volume of transportations and well-organized logistics for regular operating routes on the territory of Russia and CIS countries, we are able to offer our customers the lowest prices on the transport of water-motor technology. For example, the cost of transportation from St. Petersburg – Moscow is about 15 thousand rubles, and this in view of the fact that all goods transported are insured. Grizzly Company has all necessary permits and approvals for the transport of bulky goods on the territory of Russia and European countries.

Grizzly specialized fleet of company cars has no analogues in Russia. Our fleet has equipment to transport any melting. Facilities and motorboat technology from small boats to large motor yachts. Specialized trailers are equipped with our company manipulator for self-loading and unloading of the melt. means, in addition, allows simultaneous transport of 6 boats in two tiers. The park is regularly updated following advanced technologies in the field of transportation.

During its existence, Grizzly company has established itself as a reliable partner, providing timely and safe transportation. Transportation of its equipment trust us as a state structure, and major Russian dealers and manufacturers. We will be glad to offer their services in the field of private transportation and an advantageous cooperation for all interested companies.

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