Two-stroke by SUZUKI (Suzuki DT2.2, Suzuki DT30, Suzuki DT40)

In one of the issues in the material on the world market outboards it was reported that “the European market today is represented only by one two-stroke model” Suzuki “- 2.2 hp power.” This is indeed the case. However, the market for “Suzuki Marine” is not limited to Europe and the US, where there are strict environmental standards. In the arsenal of “Suzuki” still has a whole range of time-tested two-stroke, which are manufactured in Japan and shipped to many countries whose laws allow the use of these motors are virtually no restrictions – including in Russia.

To date, “Suzuki” manufactures four basic models of two-stroke engines “DT” series – power 2.2, 15, 30 and 40 hp Compared to the four-stroke engines “DF” series, all of the duple-cycle (with the exception of veteran said “DT2.2”, which is simply nothing to compare), traditionally lighter and tend to have better driving dynamics, although somewhat more voracious. It is necessary to note the encouraging fact that the range of two-stroke engines do not exist in a “vacuum”, and completely duplicates the corresponding series of four-stroke, so that the buyer is always a choice between low weight and good acceleration on the one hand, and stability and cost, though burdened with increased weight , with another. At the same time we should not forget that the original cost of the engines “DT” series below (and in some cases quite significantly) than their four-stroke counterparts power. Once forgotten motor “DT40” is back and last year offered to all comers.

Motors “DT” these capacities available than a year and have been tested for durability in many countries – both attractive for living beings and climate technology equatorial latitudes, and in the harsh Arctic. Sin is recognized that in some countries the proportion of “Suzuki” is more than 40% of the total number of outboards – and motors of this firm are able to provide far more than a year in daily use.

As for Russia, according to information received from an authorized distributor of “Suzuki Marine”, to date, most of the engines “lives” and works in the Far East, Eastern Siberia and the Far North. The matter is likely that these regions are closer to the manufacturer, and “Suzuki” representation and customer service has long been settled in them. Today the main task of the manufacturer of various motor technology is the annexation of those segments of the market of the European part of Russia, where the competitors had to settle partially penetrated from Europe and America.

But back to the motors. “DT-15” has a capacity of 9.9 hp modification that is designed especially for those countries where the law reigns, causing the register motors with power from 10 hp This motor is fully up to its 15-strong fellow, except that slightly different in value. it weighs only 38 kg (for both versions), and selection of the screw pitch may be in the range of 7 to 11 inches. “DT30” weighs 56 kg, propeller pitch – from 10 to 14 inches. “DT40” weighs 76 kg, the screw – from 10 to 16 inches. All engines are two-cylinder design, P.E.I ignition system and exhaust through the propeller hub.

By design, they are quite simple and do not require intensive care. Evidence of this is the curious case – one of the companies, representing our “Suzuki” and a seller before one of the North American brands, by inertia ordered some parts that were changed to “Americans” at least once in a season, and, as they say, “hit” – all ordered items for “Suzuki” a couple of years gathering dust in a warehouse. It looks this story, perhaps, as a publicity stunt, but the fact remains.

Not forgotten, and a series of large V-shaped 6-cylinder engines in 2003 release, is still offered on the North American markets – “DT225 / 150S / 150”. They are still in the ranks, but how long hold out in connection with environmental legislation, it is not known.

That’s a brief and all – will require a separate bulky article, because, despite his age for a more detailed story about the two-stroke “Suzuki”, these motors are not only successful but also constructively very curious.

Igor Vladimirov
Photo “Suzuki Marine”

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