In 2004 the MERCURY MARINE group introduced to the American and European markets, a new family of 4-stroke Verado outboard engines., “MERCURY MARINE” did not begin as with his previous acclaimed development (2-stroke “OptiMax”) to refine and speed up the existing model (the flagman of 4-stroke line of the company was a family of V-6 engines), and went through the creation of a completely new motor. The development of Verado took 5 years and more than 0 mln. To make an intrigue new engine was hidden under mysterious symbol “Project X”.

It is clear that the long-awaited event was the presentation. Press did not stint on the superlatives: “the most difficult”, “the most technically perfect”, “the most powerful, reliable, torquey and still quiet”, “the most environmentally friendly.” The publications mentioned are not just about good, easy to operate and maintain a new engine, but also the world’s first fully integrated outboard system. Let delight impressionable Americans epithets postpone until the spring, when the new engines will appear in Russia, and briefly mention the most interesting, in our opinion, especially new items.

Verado family to prezetatsii fevrale in 2005 in Miami new models – the engines capacity of 200, 225, 250 and 275 hp, created on the basis of line 6-cylinder block, cylinder capacity of 2.6 liters. Bore and stroke of 82 mm. Four valves per cylinder, two camshafts in the cylinder head (DOHC). High-speed motors – 6400 rev / min. All models are designed for transom height of 20 (L) and 25 (XL) inches. Models capacity of 225, 250, 275 hp are also available for installation on the transom height of 30 inches (XXL). The highlight of the design-driven air pump (such devices, known to us on hydrocycles and Jet-bots “Sea Doo”), first applied to the outboard motor. Without it, the power of 250 hp It would be “in the teeth” only heavy V-shaped engines with a volume of at least 3 liters. “Compressor” motor ratio “power weight” and dynamic qualities comparable to 2-stroke engines of the same power, and in some parameters exceeds them. In addition, it increases the power of “intercooler” – charge air intercooler. Heavy duty work required pistons and additional oil cooling with separate oil thermostat. On testing engine worked more than 25,000 hours.

About saturation Verado high technology, primarily in electronics, it is best to say the list of partners creating a “family”: Company “IHI Turbo America”, “Cosworth”, “AVL”, “Lotus”, “Motorola” … In addition to the “intelligent “distributed fuel injection control systems, air supply, in addition to the self-test should be noted SmartCraft DTS (digital throttle & shift) – digital mechanisms throttle and shift control. Each Verado engine compatible CO SmartCraft, presented earlier in the OptiMax models. To motor Do not connect any cables or rods, only electrical cables. The new engines are controlled by “one finger” without effort and backlash. Equally easy and precise steering: electro-hydraulic steering system is standard.

The original design of deadwood allowed to hang outboard motor at four points near the center of gravity, greatly reducing vibration. Note radical measures to reduce noise and exhaust inlet, including a separate exhaust system muffler idling. New outboard engine also features an unusual design. Hood, covered inside a special acoustic foam, is made of two halves; top tilts to allow access from the boat to key service points located at the front side of the cylinder block. And, of course, corresponds to the Verado “draconian” California environmental standards – emission levels for the standard 3 stars (although the Russian waters, alas, it is not important).

Verado engines run on gasoline AI-92, but to obtain maximum performance is recommended to use fuel with a higher octane number. Weight motors 288-302 kg depending on the length of the legs: L, XL or XXL.

The stylish body, a combination of black and silver provide a unique Verado design. It can not be confused with any other engine, even at a distance.

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