Why outboard engines SUZUKI are best in the world?

Why outboard engines SUZUKI are best in the world?
4-stroke outboard engines SUZUKI marked by many indicators, such as fuel economy, low emissions, relatively quiet operation and high reliability. Needless to say, these motors provide excellent performance in compliance with high fuel efficiency – a result of a user saves on operating costs and receives an additional range of possibilities. In addition to excellent fuel economy, boat engines SUZUKI also environmentally friendly.

High fuel economy.

Outboard motors, which are used in the system is phased multipoint electronic fuel injection, provide excellent technical parameters, and the engine is economical. Systems used SUZUKI, controlled by an onboard computer that optimizes the operation of electronic fuel injection and provides excellent performance and high efficiency. The chart below shows that the 4-stroke engines consume less fuel on the order, regardless of the mode of operation than the 2 stroke, which means that you can at one and the same quantity of fuel to sail much further than the push-pull opponents. Using 4-stroke, motors you start saving from the first minutes, but for a long service life nabezhit significant amount.

The distance you can go on a four-stroke engine in the 1 liter of fuel, much more:

During the year, the savings from the use of a 4-stroke engine can reach 30%.
When using the difference in the cost of the 2 and 4-stroke engine can
Pay for itself in 2 years.

Durability and Reliability

SUZUKI for a long time has a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of outboard motors, and deserved respect.

When creating outboard motors are used well-tested technology to ensure long life and reliable operation.

Benefits outboard SUZUKI

* Clip Water Pump processed chrome-plated, which provides additional protection against wear and corrosion.
* Standard features include limiting the maximum speed.
* Multi-function tachometer acts as a diagnostic device, with which you can prevent many serious problems
* Built-in warning device for reduced oil pressure
* Anti-corrosive coating is used for the effective protection of the motor, and save your presentation engine for many years.

The high degree of environmental protection.

The latest 4-stroke outboard engines SUZUKI provide not only stable and efficient operation of the outboard motor, but also meet the most stringent standards on the level of emissions. All motors of this mark are certified EPA2006 the level of emissions, which is issued by the Agency for the US Environmental Protection.

Easy management

4-stroke engines designed to meet the needs of the user, and have many features that significantly simplify your life.

high power generators are located on the face value even at low revs, which means that you will always have enough electrical power even if you are staying for fishing.

Desalination cooling system is most easily through flushing port on all models, starting with the DF4 / 5/6 /. Crank the engine for this operation is not necessary.

perfect technology

Perfect technology mean the highest performance. All models with electronic fuel injection, since DF50WT models equipped with ECM (electronic control module) whose task is to monitor the most important indicators of the outboard motor, which receives data from the various sensors. Based on these data calculates optimal ECM mixture of gasoline and air for the actual operating conditions. All of this helps to reduce fuel costs, as well as providing a stable start, more even set of turns and responsive throttle response.

A two-stage reduction gear is used in models after DF115W, ensures maximum gear ratio that is possible. This makes it possible to install a propeller of larger diameter to increase the efficiency of the motor operation and to achieve an even greater acceleration and maximum speed.

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