Boat GRIZZLY 580 Cruizer

Boat GRIZZLY 580 Cruizer

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It’s the classical concept of cruise boats, popular in the United States. It was evaluated and in our market in recent years. There is a spacious cockpit and cozy closed cabin. 580 Cruiser is focused on a comfortable holiday with friends or family. It has the possibility of towing a skier or “donut tube”. The boats in this class are distinguished by the characteristic finish of the cockpit and the cabin with rich and spectacular materials. Teak decks, effective control panel, etc. The dynamic boat due to the size remains quite economical to operate. Length up to 6 meters is actually a border in a class of mobile boat. They do not have so rigid trailer selection requirements for transportation, it is possible to install on them less powerful and therefore more fuel-efficient engines, they are less hassle during launching. HT version refers to the category of multifunctional boats, comfortable for the rest. Different versions of the equipment allow to create a truly individual model, both for fishing in tough conditions and for a measured summer holiday with friends or family.

The main parameters

Technical specifications

Length 5.80 m
The maximum width of 2.25 m
Freeboard 0.90 m
Deadrise 19º
Transom height 510 mm
Weight 580 kg
Hull welded
Bottom thickness of 4 mm
The thickness of the board (bead forming) 3 mm
keel thickness, transom 10 mm
Recommended engine power 80-150 hp
Hull material aluminum-magnesium alloy AlMG-5M
Number of passengers 8 people
  • The choice of plastic colors
  • Electric windlass.
  • Targa (stainless steel).
  • Audio-video equipment./li>
  • Installing of remote-controlled searchlights.
  • Tents.
  • Additional transom for the motor.
  • The ladder on the transom.
  • Holders for spinning.
  • Navigation equipment.
  • Trolling equipment.
  • Life jackets.
  • Accessories on Maritim catalogue.
  • Acquisition of new or little used motors.
  • Webasto for use in the northern latitudes,
  • downriggers, glider coil, airframe, spinning-holders, built aerated ponds for fish storage.
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  • Plastic color: white.
  • Steering with a steering cable with motor up to 200 hp. The stationary fuel tank of 140 liters.
  • Side rails. Windshield.
  • Self-draining cockpit (deck) and a drawer under the bow anchor.
  • Bow and stern lockers.
  • Mooring cleats (4 pcs.).
  • Anti-skid on the bow and stern.
  • Soft cushion on the seat.
  • Control Panel.
  • Running lights.
  • Electropomp.
  • Switch with a key.
  • The box for the battery.
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Interior view

Exterior view

Additional description

Cruise boats are popular in America and their main mission is one-day travel with the possibility to spend the night. Hang with your friends and have a rest, as this boat is for relaxation and for those who understand a lot about this holiday. The cruise boat is not just a boat to travel, it’s also a kind of status of the owner. Knowing all this, we have created a model based on the popular housing 580 by implementing all the best in its development.

Most cruise boats are based in the marinas of large cities, the owners travel the rivers, but sometimes come to the big water. A great example for this and a testing ground is St. Petersburg, where we produce our boats. There is Neva with its sharp and angry waves, and there are the Gulf of Finland and Ladoga with completely different conditions and all of it is easily accessible for high-speed boat owner. A few minutes and you are on the western borders of the city. An hour course and Neva is left behind and you are in front of the endless expanses of Lake Ladoga.

Due to such conditions the hull form has been given special attention. Walking on a cruise boat suggest the presence on board of ladies and children. For them comfort on water has a special meaning. Hull of the boat is heading confidently in a variety of settings, providing a smooth and cost-effective progress in the mode of 2/3 gas. It doesn’t scour or porpoise at full speed, keeps excellent course at low speed. It copes well with the waves, flattening side reel.

In production we use only the best and proven materials. We use the most advanced technology of aluminum welding of seams. We provide the highest degree of reliability, at the same time, responding to aesthetic standards. Widely used the most modern equipment and the entire production is controlled and run by experienced technologists. Only high-quality materials from different countries are used in the decoration of the cabin and cockpit and manual labor ensures the reliability of the assembly.

Water is a hostile to man element, an abrupt change in the weather is frequent and to be in the stormy lake, not being confident in the reliability and security of its melting means, especially on a cruise boat is not pleasant. The boat is completely unsinkable and capable to withstand a palpable excitement. However, you should still keep in mind that the element could be ruthless even to the biggest ships and should soberly assess their capabilities. The hull can endure many of the disaster, but can not forgive mistakes to a captain.

When it comes to a cruise boat greater attention is made to aesthetics and layout of hull. The spacious cockpit has two seats one of which is for the captain and the sofa in the back. The shape of the windscreen enhances rapid way. Entrance to cabin is located in the central part of the console. Sliding door serves as a ladder on the bow deck. The cabin can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people and sofas are transformed into sleeping space for three people. All these combined with a volume of 800 liters lockers make the boat a leader in its class in terms of use of internal space.

Only high-quality materials are used in the decoration and the customer, in turn, can choose colors to create an individual image of their future boats. By the way, with this length the boat is not tied to a parking lot, as it is in the case of the “adult” cruisers. The boat is easily transported on a trailer and does not require specially equipped slip.

Our company is against stereotypes. If the boat is for cruise, it does not mean that you can not go fishing on it. The boat can be easily completed and equipped for fishing, including trolling gear.

And we also recommend the boat trailers for independent boat transportation.

Individual configuration

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