Boat GRIZZLY 820 Firestorm

Boat GRIZZLY 820 Firestorm

4 680 000 руб

Each producer has its own flagship boat to be proud of. For many years the market of cruise boats was given at the mercy of foreign producers. Finally, we have created a truly status boat. And it has become a  leader in its class. And it emphasizes the individuality of the owner, as an expensive car with tuned body kit. It has opened thus a line of “urban craft”, whose rightful place is in one of the city’s marina. We have created not just a one-day boat but full cruiser, on which you can leave on Friday and return on Sunday only.

The main parameters

Technical specifications

Length 8.20 m
The maximum width of 2.70 m
Freeboard 1.30 m
Deadrise 23º
Transom height 638 mm
Weight 2350 kg
Hull welded
Bottom thickness 5 mm
Board thickness (bead forming) 4 mm
Keel thickness, transom 10 mm
Recommended motor power 250-350 hp
Hull material aluminum-magnesium alloy AlMG-5M
Number of passengers 8 people

Additional description

Each manufacturer should have a trump card, his flagship, and its unique ship. We took all the best, adding to this experience, appreciating the world market, the wishes of customers and the global trends and created a truly unique in its kind, actually the only Russian cruiser, and even with aluminum body. At the same time, our goal was to make the hull so, that the material from which it is made, in any case, was not conspicuous.
The result is a true flagship of our fleet cruiser Grizzly 820 Firestorm. It is really a clot of aesthetics and practicality. The boat has everything for independent leisure travel in the company and family. All elements that are typical namely for cruisers.
Particular attention was paid to the build quality and finish. Going to the market, we understood that this class of our product must be the best, and all efforts were put on it. The result of these efforts became high marks from professionals and ordinary consumers. And as a result the orders for new models did not take long.
In production we use only the best and proven materials. We use the most advanced technology of aluminum welding of seams. We provide the highest degree of reliability, at the same time, responding to aesthetic standards. Widely used the most modern equipment and the entire production is controlled and run by experienced technologists. Only high-quality materials from different countries are used in the decoration of the cabin and cockpit and manual labor ensures the reliability of the assembly.
One of the advantages of such a boat is driving performance. Few people are surprised today by expensive cars. Another thing is sleek and stylish boat. A boat, that meets all international requirements and criteria. But we have tried to keep the minimum cost of the basic version. But we have had in mind the wide range of options which open significant opportunities for the owner.
The boat is great for parking in the city, good for weekend trips, allowing you to show the beauty of the city from water. However, looking at the boat from the shore, we also see a really nice boat.
Looking at the interior and exterior of the boat is easy to guess about her appointment. Fishing? Perhaps, but first and foremost it is a boat for water rest, young companies, parties on the water, night walks along the quays, where there is no need to think about the traffic lights. Realizing this, we made a stylish and user-friendly control station. And of course we designed the chassis so that you can not only control the boat comfortable but also want to rush forward. Not noticing the waves and wind.
The best estimate of work is customer review, which is expressed in a specific order. And that boat has already taken its rightful place. It is competing only with western producers as it simply has no equal in Russia.

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