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Many years of experience and use of innovative technologies allowed Grizzly to make a breakthrough in the markets of domestic and world shipbuilding. The latest engineering developments, painstaking work of designers, creativity and unlimited love for their work allowed company to create a unique model Grizzly 840 Racing. To date this is the largest and fastest boat model in two-component boat market t in the world!

The main parameters

Technical specifications

Length 8.40 m
The maximum width 2.70 m
Freeboard 1.30 m
Deadrise 23º
Transom height 638 mm
Weight 2350 kg


Bottom thickness 5 mm
Board thickness (bead forming) 4 mm
Keel thickness, transom 10 mm
Recommended motor power 2 х 200-350 H/P
Hull material

aluminum-magnesium alloy AlMg-5M

Number of passengers 8 people

• Reinforced hull made of high quality marine aluminum (AlMg-5M)

• Hull lengthened by 200 mm

• Bottom sheet –  5 mm / 6 mm (AlMg-5M)

• Board –  4 mm (AlMg-5M)

• Keel –  10 mm (AlMg-5M)

• Reinforced transom – 20 mm (AlMg-5M)

• Reinforced  fore-aft set – 5 mm (AlMg-5M)

• Roller

• Hull color (white / black) or (white / bronze)

• Deck of impact-resistant plastic coating –  Premium class gelcoat (white color)

• Non-slip coating at the bow, stern, side deck (plastic)

• Clamp

• Cabin back wall made of glass

• Sliding glass door in the cabin (lockable) with access to the cockpit

• Sliding panoramic hatch at the house roof

• Deck hatch in the forward cabin made of glass (round)

• Panoramic windows in the roof of the cabin

• Cup holders in the bow deck – 6 pcs.

• Bow hand ropes made of stainless steel Ø 25 mm

• Stern hand ropes made of stainless steel Ø 25 mm

• Glazing of the cabin (tempered glass, 6 mm)

• Mooring cleats – 6 pcs. (stainless steel)

• Bow cabin with two berths

• Soft pads (mattress) – berths in the bow cabin (textile)

• Lockers under the berths –  2 pcs.

• Berth 2 + 2

• Sofa in the cabin left side – 2 pcs.

• Table in the cabin with telescopic leg

• Drawers for storage – 5 pcs.

• Opening lockers (with doors) in the cabin –  4 pcs.

• Place for the refrigerator installation

• Interior upholstery – fabric / marine vinyl

• Captain chair (marine vinyl / fabric)

• Fuel gauge

• Compass

• Steering wheel with GRIZZLY logo

• Lights in the cabin – 6 pcs.

• Socket 12 V

• Preparation for installation of toilet (toilet block)

• Door with lock and key in the toilet block

• Preparation for installation of shower

• Sink in the toilet block

• Ventilation in the cabin

• Galley block (preparation for installation of the galley)

• Step in the cabin to enter the cockpit

• Stern sofa cockpit (marine vinyl)

• Locker in the stern sofa

• Locker for storage of fenders

• Fusebox

• Weight off key

• Hydraulic steering system up to 500 hp

• Running lights

• Park light

• Masthead light

• Electric hold pump

• Decorative moldings on the board (stern) – 2 pcs.

• Fire extinguisher – 1 pc.

• Spacious lockers in the cockpit – 3 pcs.

• Fuel tank 500 liters

• Fusebox

• Rubber floor mats in the cabin

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Panorama of the interior

Additional description

The uniqueness of the model lies in the fact that its aluminum hull made of AlMg alloy is absolutely nonhygroscopic, almost not susceptible to the strongest impacts, simple in use, storage and for all these qualities is ready for operation at very high speeds. In bad environmental conditions Grizzly 840 Racing retains its highest speed characteristics and softness of move and is capable to withstand significant overloads.
The developers of the company have managed to overcome the usual borders of boat using; this model is designed for any water area, copes with any weather conditions, coming to the shore and mooring. Lightweight but very solid construction of the model offers the option of two outboard motors installing with a total capacity of up to 800 hp!!! This allows you to develop on the water a record speed for boats of this class – 130 km / h and on this unprecedented for the boat speed it remains completely predictable and easy to drive.
Strong and certainly an important quality of the model is an excellent overview and amazing functionality. It can be safely stated that the company’s developers have managed to bring the Grizzly brand to the category of entry-level motor yachts which they boldly declare: the highest ergonomics of control systems, the high-tech “filling” of the boat and, of course, the unprecedented design for the Russian shipbuilding market. Grizzly 840 Racing surprises with the presence of elements inherent only to luxury boats. A transparent back wall of the cabin is complemented by a sliding door; passages along the sides are equipped with high railings providing safe movement along the boat even during its movement; an open deck with large soft sofas, comfortable bathing area and built-in ladder tell us about belonging to the segment of the highest class vessels. Unusual solutions are offered by furniture designers – if desired, it can be transformed into useful zones of the cabin and cockpit or simply folded, thereby greatly increasing the space of the boat.
Remaining loyal to the direction of the premium class the designers of the company have paid special attention to the interior of the ship – elegance of the cabin, expensive finishes, use of luxury materials and unconditional comfort give it a gloss and a sense of presence on board of the status yacht. Grizzly 840 Racing can rightly be called a motor yacht of a small size, which is ideal for resting in a large company, family, comfortable long-term living and unforgettable impressions from holiday on the water. At the same time you can only press on the gas and not a large yacht turns into a real racing car, leaving far behind all those who have thoughtlessly decided to enter with it in speed competitions.
Summarizing the above analysis of the model I would like to note one of the most important aspects when choosing the vessel – of course, it is its price category. Grizzly company manages to offer one of the most attractive pricing policies for a boat of this category, both in domestic and world shipbuilding market.

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