Boat GRIZZLY 850 Firestorm

Boat GRIZZLY 850 Firestorm

3 360 000 руб3 635 000 rub

The new cruise boat Grizzly 850 is maximum aesthetic and its purpose is to make people on shore or on board of another boat to accompany you with a jaundiced eye.

The main parameters

Technical specifications

Length 8.50 m
The maximum width 2.70 m
Freeboard 1.30 m
Deadrise 23º
Transom height 638 mm
Weight 2350 kg
Hull welded
Bottom thickness 5 mm
Board thickness (bead forming) 4 mm
Keel thickness, transom 10 mm
Recommended motor power 250-350 hp
Hull material aluminum-magnesium alloy AlMG-5M
Number of passengers 8 people

• Hull made of high quality marine aluminum (AlMg-5M) 

• Bottom sheet – 5 mm (AlMg-5M) • Board – 4 mm (AlMg-5M) 
• Keel – 10 mm (AlMg-5M) 
• Transom – 20 mm (AlMg-5M) 
• Fore-aft set – 5 mm (AlMg-5M) 
• Roller 
• Color (white / black) or (white / bronze) 
• Deck of impact-resistant plastic coating – Premium class gelcoat (white color) 
• Non-slip coating at the bow, stern, side deck (plastic) 
• Clamp 
• Cabin back wall made of glass 
• Sliding glass door in the cabin (lockable) with access to the cockpit 
• Sliding panoramic hatch at the house roof 
• Deck hatch in the forward cabin made of glass (round) 
• Panoramic windows in the roof of the cabin 
• Cup holders in the bow deck – 6 pcs. 
• Bow hand ropes made of stainless steel Ø 25 mm 
• Stern hand ropes made of stainless steel Ø 25 mm 
• Railings in the roof of the cabin made of stainless steel Ø 25 mm 
• Glazing of the cabin (tempered glass, 6 mm) 
• Mooring cleats – 6 pcs. (stainless steel) 
• Bow cabin with two berths 
• Soft pads (mattress) – berths in the bow cabin (textile) 
• Lockers under the berths – 2 pcs. 
• Berth 2 + 2 
• Sofa in the cabin left side – 2 pcs. 
• Table in the cabin with telescopic leg 
• Drawers for storage – 5 pcs. 
• Opening lockers (with doors) in the cabin – 4 pcs. 
• Place for the refrigerator installation 
• Interior upholstery – fabric / marine vinyl 
• Captain chair (marine vinyl / fabric) 
• Fuel gauge 
• Compass 
• Steering wheel with GRIZZLY logo 
• Lights in the cabin – 6 pcs. 
• Socket 12 V 
• Preparation for installation of toilet (toilet block) 
• Door with lock and key in the toilet block 
• Preparation for installation of shower 
• Sink in the toilet block 
• Ventilation in the cabin 
• Galley block (preparation for installation of the galley) 
• Step in the cabin to enter the cockpit 
• Stern sofa cockpit (marine vinyl) 
• Locker in the stern sofa 
• Locker for storage of fenders 
• Fusebox 
• Weight off key 
• Hydraulic steering system up to 500 hp 
• Running lights 
• Park light 
• Masthead light 
• Electric hold pump 
• Propeller guards – 2 pcs. in the stern with the additional transom for motor up to 20 hp installation 
• Stern ladder made of stainless steel 
• Decorative moldings on the board (stern) – 2 pcs. 
• Fire extinguisher – 1 pc. 
• Spacious lockers in the cockpit – 3 pcs. 
• Fuel tank 500 liters 
• Fusebox 
• Rubber floor mats in the cabin
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Additional description

The new cruise boat Grizzly 850 is maximum aesthetic and its purpose is to make people on shore or on board of another boat to accompany you with a jaundiced eye. I would like to mention especially a pleasant interior. All the furniture and interior elements are made in Russia that is doubly pleasant in the light of recent geopolitical events and they are made non the worse than on a cruise boat with a “foreign residence permit”; the boat is like a limo, that is why this class of boats is particularly interesting. It’s particularly pleasant to mark that we have something to show to the world market now. It is obvious that these boats are very popular with those who keep their “steamers” in the yacht clubs of Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other large cities, standing on the rivers and reservoirs. A day spent on board of this boat will provide you with pleasant emotions.

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